SD-WAN for Unified Communications

A major benefit of SD-WAN is its ability to stabilize networks that would otherwise be subject to jitter or latency. One platform that doesn’t include room for either is Unified Communications. Whether it be phone systems or videoconferencing, there is nothing more frustrating than the loading wheel or intermitted connections during a meeting.

One of the most powerful ways SD-WAN can create a smooth connection for UC platforms is through Dynamic Path Selection. This identifies the most optimal route to direct traffic based on needs and available configuration options. Performance with SD-WAN for UC platforms skyrockets as the platform dynamically identifies the best route for your traffic.

Stabilize Jitter

Lower Bandwidth Costs

Route Around Latency


A True Testament to SD-WAN Effectiveness

QOS worked with a customer who was dealing with a UCaaS network issue. The customer wanted to identify a way that they could increase bandwidth without increasing costs, ensure reliability, and have the performance they expected from their UCaaS Ring Central phone system.

QOS was able to give them an SD-WAN for Unified Communications solution to their problem by placing SD-WAN by VeloCloud boxes at each of their 700 locations in order to smooth their connection and make their RingCentral platform run like a dream.

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A Network’s Dream

SD-WAN also opens the door to a cost-effective way to consume bandwidth. Traditionally, the more bandwidth that a network required, the more expensive it would be. Makes sense. SD-WAN allows for aggregation of multiple connections, making it simple to have low cost connectivity at each of your locations.