Within Reach for Government Organizations

Speed, Flexibility, and Performance

Government organizations like state departments, higher education, federal organizations, etc., are primed for the benefits that SD-WAN can offer. With precise budgets, numerous processes and protocols, and a need for extreme security, SD-WAN solutions from QOS Networks can be a light for organizations needing flexibility and speed of deployment.

Dive into a network that changes the game for government organizations

Often times government organizations are held to more strict processes and timeframes for adopting new technology. That can lead to slower rollouts and more legacy infrastructure in the ecosystem. This isn't a product of poor planning but of the speed at which technology moves today. New platforms, features, or solutions come to market on a regular basis and the options are becoming overloaded. SD-WAN with QOS can help with a few things including:

  • Faster adoption of new technology with more intelligent integration options

QOS focuses around delivering intelligence at a customer’s edge by centrally locating compute within the physical location, as opposed to transporting it to the cloud or data center and back. This lowers the risk of interception and potential security breach.

  • More flexibility with technologies choices

Integrate new platforms into the network, get wider visibility, and new data insights

  • Deploy new sites rapidly

Deploy new sites rapidly

Budget-Approved Performance

Legacy network technologies require increases in bandwidth in order to keep up with new technologies integrating into the network. If you’ve ever looked at a bandwidth bill after migrating to, say, the cloud, it’s quickly an eye opener. This is because newer technologies require faster speeds and bigger pipes to handle the amount of data moving back and forth. From a budget standpoint, a fluctuating connectivity bill isn’t ideal.

SD-WAN helps to balance that out. Because of the intelligent ability for your edge device to route based on speeds and needs, your organization can actually run off lower-priced connectivity, like broadband. SD-WAN provides better security, path smoothing which decreases jitter, and lower latency. Plus, it’s carrier and circuit agnostic, so all of those existing connectivity contracts can stay in place until it’s time to revaluate.

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With Speed Comes Better Technology

Government organizations are often challenged with strict budgets, rigid processes, and complicated implementation procedures that can slow down digital transformations. This customer was challenged with just that. Their network was aging and legacy MPLS contracts were beginning to expire. Due to the need to make network upgrades, the customer embarked on a journey to identify a solution that could modernize their network as well as allow for future enhancements with better flexibility.

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Start Your Edge Journey with SD-WAN for Governments

SD-WAN is the now of connectivity for agencies across the US. With SD-WAN, your org will:

  • Reduce complexity of government network deployments.
  • Increase critical application performance.
  • Give you direct cloud access with performance reliability and security.

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