Every Retail Company’s Dream

Stability, Uptime, and Performance

With each store needing its own configuration, unique bandwidth requirements, individual hardware, and yet, all managed in a central corporate location, it’s easy to see why the edge network is a nightmare. But, with QOS, we bring the edge to you, in a central portal to monitor report and understand your network performance and make intelligent decisions for it. Streamline your SD-WAN solution, routing and switching, compute and virtual machines, licensing, and more all in one place.

Dive into a network that changes the game for retail companies

  • SD-WAN connects to the cloud

Process millions of data points at the edge instead of utilizing high amounts of bandwidth to transmit data to the data center and back to the device. Engage with your customers instantly by housing your compute at the edge.

  • SD-Branch is driving more adoption

Interacting with customers via iPad or out on the floor? Having the data you’re processing available in real-time avoids the “sorry it’s taking a minute” excuse. Compute and return results immediately with QOS’s Virtual Hub at the edge.

  • Security is now key

Interact with your customers at their table, in the store aisle, or during the transition from online to instore shopping. By having the compute reside at your location’s edge you can process real-time data immediately and return the intelligence your machine learning can provide.

Real Example? You Got it. Read the Case Study.

Real-Time Intelligence Across Your Stores

Together, we can design, build, and implement the platform you need to get better intelligence at your edge. QOS Networks can lead the development and execution, modernize your toolset, and help your business get insight into your network like never before.


See your network in a new light with advanced intelligence, reporting, and monitoring

    POS systems

    Manage the performance of your POS systems with the network intelligence in QOS’s portal


      Identify connections with high latency that are causing connectivity issues

        24x7 support

        Get access to 24x7 support from the world's only SD-WAN purpose-build Network Operations Center


          Manage your network with the confidence of QOS just a phone call away

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            Manage Your Network like a Pro

            Integrate your existing platforms into the QOS portal for a single-pane-of-glass view into your holistic network. Take advantage of machine learning to identify stores that are experiencing sub-optimal performance. Verify your carrier SLAs for data center connection, retail stores, or corporate offices with our carrier comparison tool. Correlate and interpret data with the help of the QOS intelligent platform.

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