Optimize the Network for Multi-Cloud with SD-WAN and Security

The flexibility of working from home, the road or any location presents another challenge for managers who must motivate employees to keep pace with schedules and assignments. SD-WAN is an effective solution for remote company access. With SD-WAN, your firm can deliver agile, robust and secure end-to-end deployment with end-user transparency.

Advantages of SD-WAN Solutions & Teleworking

SD-WAN is an effective solution for remote company access. With SD-WAN, your firm can deliver agile, robust and secure end-to-end deployment with end-user transparency.

  • SD-WAN connects to the cloud

An increasing number of end-users are reaching company services through the public Internet via SD-WAN, in place of the traditional IP-VPN remote access services.

  • SD-Branch is driving more adoption

Internet-only branch offices, for example, now account for one-quarter of the total market, according to Nemertes Research, and that number will continue to rise due to the exploding growth of SD-Branch.

  • Security is now key

As more traffic moves off of the private enterprise backbone and onto public Internet and multi-cloud networks that are outside the protection of the corporate firewall, new approaches to security will need to be implemented.

  • Remote staff dictates cloud adoption

As enterprises move their production workloads into the cloud, and remote workers access resources in the cloud without ever touching the corporate network, cloud-compatible security solutions, including encryption and segmentation, will need to be implemented for this new networking environment.

Multi-Cloud Solutions

Traditional WANs were designed for applications hosted in a data center, but companies today need direct Internet/Cloud connections from branch offices which decreases latency and application response time compared with backhauling traffic through central data centers.

SD-WAN requirements include seamless connectivity from users to private cloud, IaaS and SaaS platforms based on defined business policies

SD-WAN technology

SD-WAN technology provided by QOS Networks is optimized to meet the specific demands of cloud computing, with proactive traffic steering and prioritization, to enable application delivery where and when the end user needs it

    cloud connectivity

    Branch and cloud connectivity, security, visibility into network traffic, application prioritization, and centralized management, all come together to make QOS SD-WAN the right solution to support the cloud-first strategies of many organizations

      broad intelligence

      SD-WAN provides broad intelligence through centralized overlay control plane with traffic engineering and path selection, service insertion, visibility and control for the WAN

        cloud-based resources

        QOS SD-WAN allows branches to connect dynamically and securely to cloud-based resources over local Internet access links, and also supports application-based routing which enables each application to take the best path, whether to private data centers or to the cloud

          multi-cloud environments

          For customers in multi-cloud environments, micro-segmentation capabilities to isolate certain traffic flows, applications and network segments are important security requirements that QOS can configure and manage for its customers

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