Intelligent Edge for IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the new reality for businesses everywhere. Intelligent devices, automated machinery, machine learning across thousands and millions of data points that all requires a network that can handle ongoing bandwidth overload. It's no longer feasible to expect a network to pass millions of data points through to a data center, process it, and pass it back in real-time. Latency and network lag are inevitable, and businesses can't rely on it.


OT in manufacturing

OT (Operational Technology) at the edge is prevalent in manufacturing plants, oil and gas rigs, healthcare, or wherever immediate data inputs affect a machine output. Machines are continuously connecting to a smart network to deliver actions that can range from moving a part from one conveyer belt to another based on a potential defect it detected a millisecond ago or doctors performing life-saving surgeries with the help of real-time processing machines. The importance of that machine to be able to intake data, process it in real-time, and perform that action is critical. Having compute located directly at the edge can make that requirement more attainable.


IoT in Retail

The retail “experience” is an ever-growing need for businesses to create a demand for in-store shopping. As online retailers continue to dominate a consumer’s wallet, the more intelligent and interactive a store experience is, the more a customer is willing to make the trip in. With beacon data and in-store promotions, guides, and notifications, IoT and edge compute is more critical than ever.

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IoT in aviation and automotive

Today’s network is dependent on connecting back to a data center to process information. Imagine having that compute directly inside of everyday transport and logistics vehicles.

Each data point generated from self-driving vehicle monitoring to the landing technology needed in a plane is mission critical and has to be processed and calculated in real-time. There is no room for buffer or lag time when safety is at stake.



Logistics Vehicle

Military Vehicle

Put Compute Directly Where it's Needed

Moving your compute to the edge in mobile locations like airplanes, city trains, delivery vehicles, or self-driving cars is as simple as delivering the network with QOS. With our uCPE platform, we can deliver the compute directly at the location you need it to be.

QOS puts compute at the edge with our intelligent uCPE stack. QOS can deliver a virtual machine on a physical hardware stack that gives the performance and compute power that a brick and mortar or mobile location requires. Bring together your network into a single place, on hardware of your choice, with compute power custom to each site, and full power to operate your IoT in real time.

Route Around Latency

Lower Bandwidth Costs and Dependencies

Increase Network Reliability

Increase Security and Lower Vulnerabilities

The New Way of Doing IoT

Compute at the edge is the new answer for companies who need lightning fast speed, while still keeping their costs in line. Moving compute down to the edge and away from the data center opens up the reality that real-time compute is possible since data only has to pass from its origination point, to the onsite compute platform, and back to the device. This eliminates latency, security risks, and increases overall IoT performance.