Enabling 5G with SD-WAN

Connectable Across Platforms

5G is a topic that has the industry buzzing as availability begins to roll out across a number of cities from multiple carriers. Enabling your organization to be 5G ready is actually much simpler than it sounds, especially when it comes to having SD-WAN. While carriers are deploying brand new infrastructure across the nation, businesses can leverage a technology already in place today. Furthermore, 5G will help connect devices beyond just mobile phones, it has widespread implications across businesses in many industries.


What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation cellular wireless technology that is expected to revolutionize the cellular landscape. It boasts speeds that can be up to 4x faster than the existing 4G technology. It’ll take a few years to roll out to the masses, but carriers have already laid their groundwork. 5G works off of different frequencies than its 4G predecessor. These new frequencies have bigger pathways than 4G, meaning wider lanes for better performance.


Why is 5G Interesting?

With speeds as fast as 5G is initially promising, there are a handful of implications that businesses can see from day one. The largest revolves around decreased latency. As new technologies like IoT and AI continue to push their way into day-to-day operations, the ability to have a low latency network to handle larger bandwidth requirements will become a must. 5G becomes an enablement platform that makes those low-latency requiring applications perform at the standard an organization expects.


5G and SD-WAN

As more carriers begin to deploy their 5G platforms across the country, business have an opportunity to be primed when their region comes “online”. SD-WAN devices are designed for different circuits and carrier diversity, making them the ideal solution for the eventual connectivity to 5G. Utilizing 4G connectivity today is an easy switch to 5G tomorrow. SD-WAN platforms make that capability a reality.


Preparing for the Shift

QOS Networks has worked with enterprise networks for nearly a decade, specializing in digital transformation projects like SD-WAN. The preparation and implementation of 5G is something we’re working daily on with our customers. We have multiple offerings that can enable your organization to be prepared for the 5G shift and ultimately be ahead of the curve to take advantage of the new technology.

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SD-WAN is Enabling 5G

From digital transformation, specific industry applications, technology enablement, and fastest speeds in our history, 5G will change networking. Luckily, there’s a fast way to onramp to 5G – with SD-WAN.

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