The Branch of the Future

The Edge Network Stack for Enterprises


QOS isn’t just focused on delivering next generation solutions, but offering our customers a holistic network approach. QOS is the one-stop-shop for an entire edge solution for your branch locations. Building and managing the ideal stack can often include multiple vendors, managed providers, and invoices. With QOS, we’ll manage the full stack including design, deployment, and proactive and reactive monitoring of your network solutions.

The all-in-one “branch in a box” solution makes it incredibly easy for customers to not just complete the initial turn-up quickly, but be able to be flexible. QOS is carrier agnostic, meaning you have the flexibility to select the best connectivity for your business. QOS makes it as simple as just plugging it in and going. We’ll take care of the ongoing proactive and reactive management of the platform, including the carrier SLA management to ensure you’re getting the most out of your solutions.



QOS has been deploying and managing SD-WAN solutions since it’s inception. With over 20,000 edges deployed globally, branch configuration is nearly second nature to us. With our inDeploy intelligence, we’re able to rapidly and automatically deploy pre-configured SD-WAN devices to each location and turn-up is as simple as plugging it in.



Often times an SD-WAN device can provide enough ports to handle a small branch location. However, if your branch includes more than a few items, an on-premises switch is ideal. A 24-port POE, for example, can support phones, computers, intelligent WiFi solutions, etc. With centralized management, a switch also becomes incredible convenient to manage from onsite or remote. Our drop ship and configure methodology means getting your hardware quickly and configuring it automatically.



QOS has worked with a number of UCaaS platforms to integrate and configure the solution to experience the benefits and advantages of SD-WAN. With QOS, the uptime, stability, and performance you expect from your UCaaS solution is attainable, as well as manageable.



With QOS’s intelligent Edge Wifi, connecting next generation AI to your branches is seamless and robust. The Edge WiFi platform offers connectivity to beacons, IoT devices, inventory management, branch security systems, and much more. As an all-in-one intelligent WiFi solution, monitoring your branch is possible in real-time.



Built-in firewall security is available as well as opting for a custom security solution. Integrating security requirements is a breeze with an SD-WAN platform. Ensure your traffic is protected, keep intruders and malicious content out, and keep your business safe, all from your edge network.

Start Your Edge Journey

The Edge is the now the hub of connectivity for businesses.

  • Reduce complexity of your network deployments.
  • Simplify management of edge functions
  • Add new sites quickly without cumbersome deployments