One Solution for Network Security and SD-WAN

The marriage of network security and SD-WAN is more key to today’s successful enterprise network than ever before. With the combined power of performance, stability and efficiency that SD-WAN brings, and the zero-trust network access, firewall, cloud access security that network security delivers, the Secure Edge changes the landscape of the network today.


Network Solutions

  • SD-WAN
  • Carrier Management
  • Network as a Service
  • Networking Vendors
  • Bandwidth Aggregation

Security Solutions

  • CASB
  • Cloud SWG
  • Firewall
  • DNS

What is the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)?

SASE is the next evolution of SD-WAN, incorporating security as a side-by-side solution.

This convergence focuses on the need to bring a complete network solution for the new-age enterprise. One that is defined by the cloud, users across locations, and a security posture that extends beyond the branch perimeter . When we look at the offer that the Secure Edge brings to the table, we see a secure edge that protects sensitive data, detects threats in the network, connects to multiple cloud platforms, and delivers on performance that keeps the user at the forefront of the experience.

QOS brings the core needs to enterprises with:

  • CASB
  • Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • Secure Web Gateway (SWG)
  • Next-Gen Firewall

Integrated Security

  • Built upon a converged, multi-tenant cloud-native software stack.
  • Verified Identity-based authentication with RADIUS, LDAP or Active Directory, with multi-factor authentication.
  • Stateful & Next Gen Firewall with DOS protection, IPS, URL filtering.
  • Secure IPsec encrypted tunnels to company resources hosted in data center, public cloud and SaaS

Remote Access

  • Network performance and application monitoring for home workers without additional hardware required.
  • Assured application performance that can monitor and remediate network degradation, by changing gateway or access links on the fly.


  • A cloud-model for easy deployment, management and scaling.
  • Cloud-delivered service reduce costs and complexity compared with premises hardware solutions.

For Enterprise

Enterprises are uniquely positioned to take advantage of SASE today. With a large focus around security, users highly dispersed, complex policy requirements or configuration needs, and strict compliance or regulations in place, the need for the integration of network and security is mandatory.


The all-in-one network and security solution is an ideal opportunity for SMBs to simplify the number of vendors they have in their stack while still seeing the most bang for their buck. User security, a managed solution, and high performance drive a platform that delivers better insights and intelligence while supporting smaller IT teams.

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Managed Secure Edge

QOS Networks is the only managed services provider with the experience of managing tens of thousands of end points across more than 40 countries. Working with QOS Networks on your SASE solution is the best way to integrate your network with security and software-defined WAN.

QOS Networks Secure Edge ensures secure connectivity and application performance requirements for both WFH and the mobile WAN environments, with full-featured next-gen firewall in every home office and on every traveling laptop, all fully integrated into the corporate security structure. QOS Secure Edge can operate on an appliance in a branch office or remote home office, and can also work through a remote software client accessing the needed services via a cloud gateway.


Risk and Trust Assessments

Security policy configuration

DNS management

Remote Browser Isolation

How it Works


In a branch office, hub or data center, the SASE Secure SD-WAN Edge appliance is usually needed for sophisticated line-rate packet processing supporting multiple employees, as well as multi-path selection for quality of service.

Much of the SD-WAN control plane, as well as the management plane (Orchestrator) capability can be delivered via cloud based components. But the local data plane processing is best done on premises for maximum performance. This can be in the form of a dedicated hardware appliance or via a virtual CPE (uCPE and vCPE) that allows multiple applications to share a general purpose processor in the ‘white box model. In addition to the premises solution, the remote user, who could be a work from home executive or sales road-warrior, will have a full-featured software client for their laptop or mobile device, which ensures that cloud-based access to the corporate network and applications is always just one hop (to the cloud) from where ever they happen to be, thanks to the unified, always available, SASE Secure SD-WAN solution from QOS Networks.



Security edges managed today


Countries deployed and managed globaly


Global NOC team monitoring and remediating security vulnerabilities