Platform Integration

For enterprise network managers, the proliferation of network management tools and systems forces many to practice ‘swivel chair’ management, logging into and out of multiple systems that are not correlated to get the necessary information about the status of network operations. Valuable IT resources are consumed creating reports to unify and correlate that data across various monitoring platforms. Significant cost-efficiencies could be achieved by consolidating network management expenditure down to one tool while increasing visibility and gaining insights into the overall health of your network.

QOS inConnect uses an ITSM-based approach to consolidate data management and correlate issues with causes. QOS can deliver key data and performance metrics directly into the enterprise IT service management system, ServiceNow, for better insight, problem analysis and analytics.

Data Flow Across Platforms with inConnect

The QOS Intelligent Network Platform is based on 24x7x365 global network operations centers that continuously monitor the health of your SD-WAN network, including hub and branch offices, as well as all critical networking equipment.

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Cloud-based and cloud-enabled integrations drive better scalability and more resilient uptime for continuous access to data and real-time management.

inConnect builds on the QOS Networks Intelligent Network Platform with integrations to create seamless communication paths and information flows between QOS and enterprise customer, partner and carrier network management systems.

ServiceNow eBonding allows enterprise network managers to view incidents and manage tickets from within their instance of ServiceNow. When a problem arises on their network, they can open a repair ticket from within their own service management system. This is a key capability for managing the incident resolution process.

Simple ITSM Network Integration


Enterprises using ServiceNow for their network management can ebond directly with the QOS Networks instance of ServiceNow.

Should an issue with the network arise, network managers can generate a repair ticket from within their instance of ServiceNow, which is automatically forwarded to the QOS NOC queue.

Meanwhile, QOS monitoring systems will have recognized that an incident occurred, and began to apply triage and remediation efforts. Enterprise managers using ServiceNow will be able to view that progress from within their own management system without having to swivel chair into a different system.

In addition, with ebonding, enterprise managers can view and moderate tickets between the two systems; they can see QOS comments on a ticket and their comments are visible to the NOC team as well.

inConnect Network Integrations

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Data Right at Your Fingertips

inConnect integrates seamlessly through ebonding with customer’s network monitoring, CMDB and Change Management systems, and delivers insights, alerts, and notification right to your operational platforms.

Cost Effective

inConnect reduces the time to resolve network issues and can greatly facilitate crises communications with customers.


    InConnect monitoring can scale to support the largest of enterprise networks.


      The inConnect ServiceNow ebonding solution has been tested and successfully rolled out in large national and international enterprise networks.


        QOS monitoring systems can quickly identify issues as they arrive, while ebonding with ServiceNow will help to match customer complaints with underlying network issues for speedier resolution.


          QOS inConnect provides a comprehensive solution to customers’ need for reliable network communications during the incident and problem resolution process.