Custom Network Development

QOS Networks specializes in network custom development work based on the speed of a customers rollout, need for agility, merger or acquisition potential, or unique platform requirements. The QOS DevOps team is an expert in the design and deployment of unique networks that make our customers run efficiently.



High Performance




Network Security

QOS is able to integrate with the best network security providers in the market today, including Palo Alto and Zscaler applications. Manage and mitigate security risks with insights provided to lower the change of breaches and security issues.


Monitoring and Management

QOS specializes in being able to work with existing network management and monitoring platforms such as SolarWinds or ServiceNow. Our customers rely on these internal platforms to deliver necessary network insights. QOS is able to configure an SD-WAN solution to operate with our customers existing internal processes to feed orchestrator data into their platforms. Get critical data like network health and uptime, areas that need to be addressed, and carrier insights for SLA uptime.

Every Network is Unique

Expecting a one size fits all approach to be successful across enterprises that have unique requirements for their branch sites versus data centers versus corporate locations is unrealistic. Every year companies change, add new applications, have more traffic at one site and less at another, or update and expand on existing hardware or licensing. Its a never ending cycle of specific needs.


QOS works with enterprises to establish a PoC process that confirms the benefits that SD-WAN promises. By selecting a sample set of locations, QOS offers specific development with dedicated engineers to perform the configuration and testing of the platform at those sites.


    No matter your business operating hours, uptime requirements, or specific schedule for deployment, QOS can work with any rollout schedule. We've worked with customers who need rapid deployment, up to 50 sites per day, or phased rollouts that factor in operating hours and scheduled downtime.


      Every customer has unique platforms or requirements that have to be taken into consideration with their network. QOS has worked with many different scenarios and can write custom dev APIs or integrations for our customers specific needs including SaaS integrations, platform requirements, and datacenter or infrastructure needs.

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