inHealth Network Automation

QOS inHealth is a suite of cloud-based applications, proprietary microservices software and automation tasks that span edge networking devices and cloud-native orchestration platforms, joining together a self-healing ecosystem to automatically respond to and recover from network events in real time.


Network Aggregation

The traditional approach to maintaining high availability is to deploy redundant devices and circuits to important hub sites, data centers and other points of network aggregation.

This costly high-availability configuration can be uneconomic for branch offices where sales revenues may be impacted by even a short term outage. QOS Networks inHealth changes the network to eliminate the single point of failure with no additional hardware or complexity.

inHealth provides three main functions:

  • Automated SD-WAN hardware bypass
  • Automated rebooting of edge network devices
  • Automated business policy insertion

Manual Work that Costs Enterprises

The industry analyst firm Gartner estimates the average cost of an enterprise network outage is around $300,000, per hour. Of course, the actual amount could be lower, or even higher, depending on the size and type of organization and the applications that depend on the network.

Given the high potential cost of an outage, businesses need to understand how operations are affected if one or more sites loose connectivity to the corporate network, and those in highly regulated industries need to be aware of the compliance requirements to maintain high availability at all locations.



of network errors result from cable modem issues

2-3 D

for a normal troubleshoot to resolution process


Thousands of dollars in cost of business interruption due to downtime

inHealth at Work


QOS Networks custom patent-pending software automation senses an equipment failure and can reroute the traffic over an LTE device and re-connect branch offices to the Internet and private data centers and servers, fully replicating the SD-WAN network overlay in a matter of seconds.

Wireless failover alone will allow access to Internet and Cloud sites using pubic IP addresses, but private IP sites such as company servers and data centers will not be reachable. inHealth proprietary software rebuilds the corporate IP addressing table and routes traffic back to those internal resources.

inHealth provides fast automatic failover to the backup line when it detects a loss of signal on the primary circuit and it will switch back to the primary line once the circuit is restored, with software configured to prevent flapping.



Data points collected per second



Proprietary self-healing actions built into the network



API calls per day across our customers networks



Hours of downtime saved per customer per year

inHealth Network Automation

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Features Built for the Enterprise

QOS’ cloud-delivered network automation tools detect and remediate outages, failures, and breaches at the edge.

Delivered as a service through the cloud, QOS inHealth improves network uptime, reduce manual labor and deliver performance to customers.

Cost Effective

inHealth reduces or eliminates the need and cost of redundant equipment and/or circuit duplication at customer branch offices (i.e. high-availability configuration) while increasing site uptime.


inHealth 4G LTE backup is immune from cuts to the physical lines going into the customer premises, which can happen anytime backhoes are digging in or around local streets.


inHealth failover is fast. End-users should be back on-line in a matter of seconds.


inHealth builds on the IN Platform (monitoring) with automated network recovery processes and provides a comprehensive solution to customers’ need for more reliable network communications.


Always-available services are delivered over a secure network with advanced application-aware integrated firewall and SIEM integrations.