Rapid SD-WAN Deployment

For Enterprises Sending Staff to Work From Home

Our team at QOS was originally tasked with rolling out nearly 5,000 units in less than 10 days to a company transitioning their staff to work-from-home. The power of inDeploy allowed the team to roll out all the devices in just 5 days flat! We’re now enabling another 4,000 users to transition to at-home work!

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From 4,800 to Nearly 9,000 Units! Follow the Progress

Update - 3/30/20

And just like that, we’re completed with nearly 9,000 devices in less than 2 weeks

Update - 3/28/20

We’ve added another 4000 devices to the list!

Update - 3/22/20

The team cruised through deployment, finishing 5 days ahead of schedule and completing almost 5,000 devices in 5 days flat!

Real-Time Rollout - 3/18/20

QOS Network was contracted to deploy nearly 5,000 devices to enable an enterprise to bring work-from-home capabilities to their employees.

Stage 1

Complete configuration for devices happens within the QOS warehouse at such a speed that our team will have configurations complete within days.

    Stage 2

    inDeploy automates the logistics approach as well, creating labels and shipping details for each individual device. No manual operations happen at this step, except placing the label on the packed box.

      Stage 3

      Devices arrive and follow the team’s instructions for setting up onsite. For home-based users, the configuration does all the work and the user just plugs the device in, connecting right to the network.


        For work-from-home transitions to new site deployments

        Whether its a fast response on getting staff to work remotely, a need to roll out an M&A, or to adjust enterprise policies in a quick procession, QOS has enabled customers to roll our new SD-WAN and edge platforms quickly.

        During the unique times we’re in, we have customers asking how to keep their remote staff connected, secure, and experiencing the ongoing performance their customers need. Enabling your work-from-home users can be fast, cost effective, and overall ensure business continuity is upheld.


        How Can QOS Do This?

        QOS has invested heavily in automation to enable enterprise roll outs faster than ever before. Removing the manual effort from the very beginning, QOS developed a proprietary platform that can mass configure devices concurrently, automate the logistics and shipping, and deliver devices quicker and efficiently.

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        Past Success Means Future Convenience

        While no stranger to fast rollouts, QOS has proven time and time again that no challenge is too large. Check out this example of a customer who needed speed, reliability and performance at the forefront of their work-from-home model.

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