Network Edge Deployment Automation - The Only Integrated Zero-Touch Provisioning Tool on the Market

inDeploy is a tool designed from the ground-up to automate the processes behind deploying network hardware like SD-WAN devices including distribution facility processing, technical configurations, and procedural testing. As the first of it’s kind in the market today, inDeploy is giving QOS the ability to make order processes so rapid, that we can handle up to a thousand devices in a single day. This is beyond what any other managed network service provider or SD-WAN vendor is able to do today.



inDeploy sits on a set of serverless cloud computing components joined together by several primary systems including ServiceNow, UPS WorldShip, and the VeloCloud Orchestrator.

The portal allows remote control of multiple parallel production lines. This means that we can bulk provision many devices at one time.

The benefits to our customers are numerous.

For one, the wait time for getting a new SD-WAN solution implemented is limited only to the speed at which a carrier can get their circuits up and running to each branch. There is no additional waiting period for customers to have their SD-WAN solution provisioned and deployed. For large, multi-national enterprises with hundreds or thousands of sites, this time save is

insurmountable compared to average new technology rollouts. If at any point any customer experiences a failure with their VeloCloud device, inDeploy allows us to rapidly re-deploy a unit, offering an unheard of SLA of 8 hours to most metropolitan areas. No longer does it take days or even weeks to get a downed device back up and working.



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weekly high of devices deployed with inDeploy

inDeploy in Real Life – 9,000 Devices in 10 Days

inDeploy can not just scale, but can deliver complete roll outs to our customers at a rapid rate, with incredible accuracy, and with simplicity and automation.

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The Backend

inDeploy pulls tasking information from ServiceNow and can automate the entire VeloCloud setup on a per-customer basis. It handles all outbound shipping details and requests, automating the dispatch of devices to the customer sites. Customers can expect to have their devices delivered to their doorstep extremely quickly.

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