QOS Edge Network Management

The modern enterprise network is a far cry from the centralized network model of yesteryear. Today’s network edge — and the enhanced application and systems performance, business agility, and security that comes with it — is paramount for seamless business operations and customer experiences.  But designing and managing an edge network isn’t a simple plug-and-play initiative. The network edge features enormous information loads that dramatically increase the volume of incidents and tickets teams have to manage. Selecting the right partner with the best tools and platform is paramount for enhancing and correlating network traffic and addressing issues quickly and efficiently.

A global leader in edge solutions, QOS combines AIops enabled, next-generation network analytics tools and an experienced team of network experts to empower enterprises to operate from edge to cloud with confidence.  QOS customers partner with a team responsible for managing over 45,000 endpoints and resolving hundreds of thousands of network operations center (NOC) incidents each year.

Meeting customer network needs, from start to finish 

QOS Edge Network Management services take the guesswork out of operating an efficient, secure edge network with a full range of solutions for any stage of your network journey. QOS Day Zero professional services feature extensive network planning and InDeploy, a QOS-proprietary tool that automates network hardware deployment with the capacity to handle up to thousands of devices daily. 

Quick, automated network rollout helps to avoid an arduous constant rollout cycle that plagues many network teams, and QOS’s ongoing testing and training once the network is deployed helps to ensure optimal performance and availability around the clock. 






Planning Phase

During the planning phase, the QOS professional services team leads the conversation to establish the plan, priorities, and sequence of the rollouts to each of the customer’s sites. QOS mobilizes the project teams to plan and conduct project kickoff workshop and review of project plan details.

  • Establishing the project teams for QOS and the customer
  • Agreeing on project control documents
  • Establishing plans and priorities
  • Creating a meeting cadence
  • Identify approach – phased or big bang

Importantly, QOS isn’t just a vendor, but rather a network management partner with customers — an extension of your own team. The goal is to work side-by-side to meet network needs with a focus on project ROI, reducing management overhead, and identifying areas requiring additional development or enhancement.

QOS also provides network support for remote employees with SD-WAN, keeping those team members under the same security protocols as in-house employees. Our solutions deliver enhanced security, even as remote work becomes the new standard and:

  • Allow seamless deployment and management of company-wide policies across the entire network
  • Make it easier to add or remove users from the network to minimize vulnerability
  • Maximize network performance for remote teams who rely on video, voice, and corporate data.

Full Stack Management and Monitoring

QOS Edge Network Management services handle an average 10,000 daily alerts and follow the ITIL process to identify alert severity, enact automated remediation and auto-close alerts based on single triggers.

QOS monitoring services

  • Network monitoring (device health, SNMP, errors, flow/path of applications, CPU utilization, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting network issues
  • Multi-cloud and SDDC for application performance monitoring at the edge
  • Responding to alarms (bandwidth utilization, latency, up/down/CRC)
  • SNMP monitoring and reporting
  • Real-time statistics, trend reports, and historical reporting of all available devices in the network, including circuits from selected carriers
  • SD-WAN configuration management and backups
  • Customer web-based access to management tools and reporting
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Now, you can confidently execute critical tasks and workloads even at the farthest reaches of your network, knowing that our 24x7x365 proactive monitoring spans every component of a modern global global —  including SD-WAN, routers, switches, firewalls, security devices, circuits, and WAPs.


QOS is highly scalable and capable of monitoring a number of SD-WAN (software defined wide area network) solutions according to customer preference. Our SD-WAN capabilities are exemplified by over 50,000 deployed edges.

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QOS specializes in custom network development based on customer rollout speed to achieve redundancy through network additions. 

Switches and Routers

QOS remotely monitors on-site switches and routers supporting a range of edge devices. Visibility into the monitoring activity is provided through the QOS Portal.


QOS integrates onsite branch edge WAPs (wireless access points) into the Intelligent Network Platform for full 360-degree monitoring insight.

Smarter, faster, and customized network management with QOS Managed Network 

QOS Managed Network is a one-size-fits-one solution, tailored to the current — and future — needs of your business. 

Customized Alerting

Customize alerting timelines based on customer need, site priority, or flagging route structure to deliver a personalized network monitoring approach. Automated, API-based proactive monitoring approach with advanced analytics helps to uncover and troubleshoot anomalous behavior before problems can escalate

    Advanced carrier management

    QOS handles critical carrier management for you. Our team submits service provider tickets, provides reporting on network metrics and events, as well as full change and configuration management with documentation to avoid unplanned network downtime.

      End-to-end visibility

      Unlike traditional monitoring, QOS Managed Network is a full-stack observability platform providing detailed, real-time health checks at every layer of the network.

        Holistic Reporting

        The AI-powered Correlation Engine works behind the scenes to combine data from every corner of the network — devices, endpoints, and even third-party connections — to bring business context to traditional reports that goes beyond out-of-the-box vendor options.

          Faster Repairs

          Automated root cause analysis (RCA) based on machine learning and event correlation accelerate mean time to detect (MTTD) and can help reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) by up to 70%. The QOS AIOps Event Correlation and Automation Platform integrates with network and cloud applications for end-to-end visibility, automated alerts, and real-time business insights.


            Built for success and smooth operation

            QOS Edge Network Services are purpose-built for today’s enterprise seeking a more efficient, cost-effective, and secure way of managing their essential infrastructure. With decades of experience supporting deployments with hundreds or thousands of locations and users all over the world, QOS Networks provides unrivaled expertise and white-glove service to maximize service availability, network performance, and return on your network investments.