Why You Will Switch to SD-WAN in the Future if You Haven’t Already


Why You Will Switch to SD-WAN in the Future if You Haven’t Already

Jun 29, 2017

A software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) offers companies many benefits compared to a traditional WAN. Many modern network devices must be manually configured individually using SSH, whereas SD-WAN connections allow users to build a datacenter that can segment itself.

SD-WAN connections allow network administrators to control the types of data that comes across the network without any manual input. The company using the SD-WAN can therefore set certain conditions and preferences instantly and concurrently across all network devices without having to individually login to each one to make the changes. Popularity is exploding; SD-WAN is expected to grow more than 90% by 2020.

It’s true that SD-WAN makes network administration a time-saving experience, but it also does much more.

SD-WAN Allows for Transport Independence

Transport independence means that an SD-WAN can be made up of many types of connection services in combination, like MPLS, 3G/4G LTE, Ethernet, Internet, Serial, or WiFi services. Since SD-WAN can use any type of connection service, it provides companies with a fast installation and multiple bandwidth choices. SD-WAN will automatically choose the best path for the transmission of your data to ensure a reliable, high performing connection.

SD-WAN Provides Security

While SD-WAN has not always been known to provide great security, most SD-WAN offerings (including those offered by QOS Networks) now provide high-quality security solutions. Since the security provisions are already installed alongside the SD-WAN with these types of services, the price of a WAN can be dramatically decreased.

When working with a cloud system, SD-WAN can now filter each router like a web proxy server, providing additional data security. Also, SD-WAN provides defenses for remote devices with botnet command-and-control intervention, and anti-malware systems. Businesses using SD-WAN also have the chance to make data confidential by using various encryption methods.

SD-WAN Makes Network Access Easy

When a company’s network runs extremely slow or goes down, it can greatly impact the productivity of the business. Without a functioning network, entire days of work could be lost. Keeping more than one network available to employees can cost too much for most businesses to maintain. However, SD-WAN offers a solution to all of this. It’s known as intelligent path control.

What is using it mean for your business? Using intelligent path control means that an SD-WAN system can steer user access to other direct connections, such as an alternate data center or cloud connection, and keep traffic through the network under control to reduce overload. Furthermore, it keeps employees connected, keeping up productivity at any business.

SD-WAN Provides A Better User Experience

Many businesses hire remote employees, so making sure these individuals are online and productive becomes crucial to the company’s success. The combination of transport independence and intelligent path control offered by SD-WAN means these employees can continue to work and be productive, since they will get the best performance possible out of their network connection.

SD-WAN can identify the types of applications users need to use within the network, using Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR) as well as application fingerprinting. Because of this, SD-WAN can understand what types of applications employees are commonly using and allow for the best and fastest access to that application.

SD-WAN is Better for Your Business

At QOS Networks, we’ve been helping companies to upgrade to SD-WAN for years. While the benefits of SD-WAN are clear, the transition process can be difficult. That’s why you should work with us to ensure a smooth implementation and transition phase. If you’re ready to talk about upgrading, let’s have a conversation.

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