Why You Should Consider SD-WAN Technology


Why You Should Consider SD-WAN Technology

Jul 16, 2019

Businesses that rely on big data can cut costs usingSD-WAN technology. It’s a faster and more efficient way to deliver information to branch offices through the cloud, which is why it’s used by large organizations.Here are some basics you should know about this technology and how it can streamline your organization.

Control and Connectivity

Some of the top reasons why businesses chooseSD-WAN technology are centralized control of traffic and better internet connectivity. It canimprove application performance on mobile devices as well. “SD” stands for software-defined, while “WAN” stands for wide area network. The system simplifiesthe use of multiple networks by keeping essential information in one place.

From a central location, an administratorcan make changes throughout the entire network. The administrator can also control which devices and applications have network access. By selecting the best connection path, traffic is reduced, and efficiency boosted without compromising bandwidth or latency.

Part of the attraction to SD-WAN is its flexibility as it allows different connection types, such as broadband and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS). Less expensive connections can be used for delivering less critical data.

Better Communication and Security

In the age ofIoT technology, companies are seeking fast solutions to deliver data. The multiple paths in an SD-WAN are secure for routing data as a firewall is built-in. Based on virtualization, the system uses a physical server to house multiple virtual servers. Applying 24/7 monitoring and threat detection technology on the platform makes it easy to block out suspicious visitors.

Connectivity between branches, the main office and the cloud can be significantly improved with an SD-WAN solution. The technology monitors real-time performance of the underlying networks and uses the most appropriate one. Improving internal communication is a crucial step toward streamlining a business.

Greater Network Efficiency

Another reason for the growing interest in SD-WAN is that it can be built over an existing infrastructure. Using this type of network means saving money on hardware, training, overhead and cloud services. Investing in this technology also helps save money on maintenance since there is less need for hardware.

Ultimately, the technology connects offices with data centers, allowing employees to access important information in one place from any device or location. For remote connections, SD-WAN itself does not provide a complete cloud solution, but it plays a central role along with WAN and a cloud service.Choosing an appropriate cloud service is key to finding the most productive solution.

Using SD-WAN allowsa large chain with redundant processesto automate and run operations more smoothly. Over time, a business can scale up and enjoy more bandwidth at a lower cost. Managers havefull visibility of the network through the centralized portal, making it easy to monitor their operation.It further provides options for communicating better with suppliers.

SD-WAN for 5G Technology

Knowing a little bit about SD-WAN is important for businesses because it will become part of the solution when 5G wireless technology is unveiled in 2020. The combination of SD-WAN and 5G will take an enormous strain off older infrastructures that will not be suited for the new more powerful and sophisticated technology. Businesses that embrace 5G will gain a competitive edge with faster transmission using less bandwidth, but they’ll need SD-WAN to make the system more efficient.


Complex organizations with multiple offices can simplify operations and connectivity usingSD-WAN technology. This software solution can be used to cut costs on routing hardware and to reduce traffic congestion, speed up data transmission and aid in routing traffic to the best network connection available for sending data.

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