What do SD-WAN, Logistics, and Speed Have in Common?


What do SD-WAN, Logistics, and Speed Have in Common?

Apr 22, 2019

What do SD-WAN, Logistics, and Speed Have in Common?Weve shared stories before about the speed of deployment that we can do with our automation as well as our large network-focused project, engineering, and support team. But, why does speed matter? Most IT projects are just that, theyre projects. Theyre often long-term rollouts that cover multiple months or even years. This mentality has persisted as companies implement cloud solutions, new SaaS platforms, move ERP solutions, revamp networks, and much more.

Weve adopted a different philosophy. We think that updating your network and implementing SD-WAN shouldnt be a massive project that takes not just your teams time, but causes a large scale project plan to deliver. We think it should be simpler than that. Maybe you say, well our network is complex, its just not that simple, and we understand that. The beauty of our automation is when we engineer the right configuration, deployment and is rapid. Often times a network only includes one offs like data centers or corporate offices. The rest of your locations are clones of each other, meaning deployment should be fast and easy.

Lets talk examples. We recently brought in a new SD-WAN customer and they had one request: implement this as fast as possible. The customer is in the logistics field and needed to have as little interruption in their network configuration as possible. This meant that their locations needed to be synced and on the network ASAP once deployment started. Furthermore, they were in the middle of acquiring a new company and folding them into their operations. The speed in which their network could be integrated with the new sites was imperative.

At QOS, a challenge is exciting. As we all know, working toward a goal is both exhilarating as well as encouraging. The beat the clock mentality makes it fun to bring new solutions to problems. Lucky for us, weve solved this one already. With the deployment of inDeploy, weve made automating SD-WAN deployment a piece of cake (or candy, if youd prefer). In total, from the execution of contracts through to the deployment, we clocked in at one month and 13 days – or just short of 6 weeks. With all but 2 of their sites up (the last two needed some attention on the customer’s end, pausing their install), we not only surpassed the initial customer requirement, but we actually completed ahead of schedule.

What does that mean for the customer? Well, they are now able to push forward with their acquisition, they have a new network solution thats brought more stability and performance to their environment, and they minimized impact to their business overall. An ideal solution for a customer who focuses on timelines and reliability of deliveries to their customers too.

Interested in finding out how we can help your organization? Reach out. Wed love to chat.

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