Understanding the Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud


Understanding the Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud

Apr 15, 2016


Public and private cloud infrastructures each have unique advantages and disadvantages. In todays business climate, companies are looking for customized solutions that combine the best of both infrastructures while keeping their information and data secure. A growing number of businesses are turning to the hybrid cloud, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Best of Both Worlds

One advantage of a customized hybrid cloud system is the ability to easily transfer data between the public and private cloud with little difficulty. Users can protect sensitive information from prying eyes while allowing open access to public-facing tools. For example, multiple participants can engage in project planning in the public cloud while the financial data linked to the project can be kept in the private cloud.

Cloud hosting is another benefit of adopting the hybrid cloud system. Using an extensive de-centralized network of physical servers, cloud hosts can draw as many resources as needed for projects or day-to-day operations. Users can effortlessly and immediately scale their hosting needs according to the latest traffic figures and projected workloads. New web apps and other functions can also be seamlessly integrated using the latest cloud networking tools.

Thanks to the extensive network provided by hybrid cloud solutions,critical data isnt at risk of being lost. Combined with around-the-clock live support from seasoned experts, the hybrid environment is a cost-effective alternative for a broad range of businesses.

Maintaining a Maximum Security Environment

Maintaining a secure environment for sensitive data is a major priority for any tech-driven company. The hybrid cloud gives companies an opportunity to keep their infrastructure safe without compromising on desirable aspects of the public cloud.

The use of managed hosting services with 24/7 monitoring capabilities makes it easier to maintain enterprise-grade security while enjoying the advantages of the hybrid cloud. These include the ability to have experienced support technicians on call to deal with any issues that might arise while utilizing the hybrid cloud infrastructure. Users are also able to move workloads within the hybrid cloud without sacrificing security.

The unique characteristics of the hybrid cloud environment have proven effective at resolving many of the cloud security concerns brought to the forefront by both small to medium businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises.

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