Telecom Expense Management in Addressing VoIP Services

Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management in Addressing VoIP Services

Jun 16, 2016


Telecom expense management (TEM) is a novel but fast-growing set of utilities designed to help businesses monitor the efficiency of their telecom solutions.TEM is represented by software solutions, outsourced services, or an in-house department. The need forTEM is evidenced by an increasing number of necessary telecommunications services giving rise to unmanageable amounts of services, accounts, and indecipherable invoices for many businesses.

TEMsolutions facilitate simpler and easier telecom expense analysis and accountability and ensure that the organization is getting what it pays for.

Finding the Most Practical Solution

The right decision for a business will be predicated upon the size of the telecom budget and what managers perceive the organization is losing (overall, not just in dollars spent imprudently).While smaller businesses might be better off employing an outsourced service or software solution, enterprise-level businesses may need an entire department dedicated to monitoring telecom expenses.

In a multi-vendor scenario,TEMcan be a blessing in efforts to bring Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) expenditures in line.TEMcan handle all aspects of telecom expenses, from paying and analyzing invoices to researching cost-saving methods or superior values among vendors.

Paying and Auditing Invoices

TEMcan handle business VoIP invoices and payments and supply the organization with a central contact point with all of its servicers. This allows the business to move with increased fluidity when it needs to make changes to services or adjust to changes in markets. It also can reduce the number of personnel dedicated to attendant tasks, so there is less likelihood of missed vendor payments.

Invoice auditing is another useful advantage of TEMdeployment. Overcharging is a common complaint of managers in small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Businesses often wind up paying invoices from companies they havent done business with in months or years. Overlooked invoicing errors account for untold millions lost annually across many sectors.TEMfocuses on the minutiae to make sure that invoices are correct and represent actual use with current vendors.

Renegotiating Vendor Contracts

TEMcan spot problems in VoIP servicer accounts as well as contracts. A goodTEMsolution will identify services that are unused or underutilized and alert managers to such problems. As with consumer services, many vendors will not lower fees or rates without the customer alerting them to discrepancies or market changes, even if the vendor is already aware of them.TEMcan also contact vendors to initiate contractrenegotiationif it is discovered that a business is being overcharged, or if it is paying too much for services as reflected by market trends.

To learn more about telecom expense management for VoIP services and other telecom solutions,contact QOS Networks.

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