Shifting Paradigms: Connectivity, Big Data, and the Cloud

Big Data

Shifting Paradigms: Connectivity, Big Data, and the Cloud

Jun 24, 2016

Over the last decade, an influx of new technologies has led to changes in the way that both consumers and businesses do just about everything.

The sheer amount of data being generated across all sectors of business has led to sweeping changes in the short- and long-term strategies employed by businesses. Not only is the scope of relevant data of paramount concern relative to these strategies, but so is the accuracy with which it is collected and analyzed in any given situation.

Data, and More Data

The ability to process data in real time is essential because it facilitates an organizations ability to respond to rapid changes in demand for products and services. Businesses spend a great deal of time and resources simply identifying the solutions and services that would be most beneficial.

Organizations are also shifting from in-house hardware and software utilities to cloud-based solutions. While this has served to benefit businesses immeasurably, it has led to even more data generation on a massive scale.

The Internet of Things

One example of the potential of technology to improve convenience is the Internet of Things (IoT).Nearly everything is connected via the cloud in the IoT, and devices have the ability to determine and employ the appropriate cloud-based utility for the task at hand. The gap between analysis and action is measured in nanoseconds, and inanimate physical materials and products involved in commerce take on almost organic qualities.

Preserving Gains and Advantages

Obviously, theIoTcould not exist without the cloud and Big Data. For example, warehouses full of products or a healthcare organizations database of patients would remain inert were it not for the ability to interconnect numerous resources thanks to cloud-based technology.

However, some of the downsides of Big Data include integration and security. Proprietary solutions can lead to impediments to integration, and security comes into playdue to the accessibility of cloud-based data to the unscrupulous.

While the innovations referenced here promise to deliver untold levels of functionality and opportunity as well as risk, one thing is certain: The changes that have taken place in business, leisure, and the world of the consumer over the last decadewill probably pale in comparison to those that will take place in the next ten to twenty years.

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