SD-WAN is a Bridge to Next-Gen Business Technology


SD-WAN is a Bridge to Next-Gen Business Technology

Feb 05, 2020

Modern businesses must make a crucial transition for more efficient connectivity. Your current internet connection may be insufficient with the onslaught of big data. The solution to inefficient data transmission is adoption of a next-gen technology like software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions. SD-WAN technology will save you time, money, energy, and office space. Here, well discuss the reasons why you should plan to migrate to this technology.

Innovative Solutions for Enterprise Networking

Many firms have already embraced the cloud, which has resulted in enormous cost savings on hardware and industry software through the use of cloud subscription services. Companies comprised of multiple branch locations have integrated the cloud with SD-branch (which facilitates SD-WAN), another game changer designed to yield greater enterprise efficiency. These combined solutions have also made it possible to interact more frequently with real-time data at network edges. The result has been smoother business operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Deployment of SD-WAN connects routers, switches, and virtualized customer premises equipment (vCPE). This technology can be customized in terms of establishing networking policies, cybersecurity, and customer configurations.

Simplification of network management functions is the primary advantage that is driving the growing adoption of SD-WAN technology. It allows a company’s home office to link with data and devices at its various branches. The goal of saving money is realized through use of fewer resources and waste reduction. It also gives businesses the ability to set up a complex array of connections that enhance performance and allow more flexibility. SD-WAN infrastructure market is expected to grow to $5.25 billion by 2023, according to IDC.

New Pathways for Network Security

One of the most significant aspects of SD-WAN is that it improves network security. Due to its use of virtualization, which is the conversion of traditional physical device functions to a digital environment, SD-WAN is an effective solution for limiting access. In other words, each department within a company can be separated within its own operating systems. At the same time, each of these separate operating systems can be stacked on one virtual server, conserving space and saving money on hardware.

The partitioning of various digital assets allows for greater network security; if the system is breached, a hacker will be locked in a limited segment of server space. This particular solution is ideal for banks, law firms, and healthcare organizations where confidential information must be closely guarded. Next-gen technology with SD-WAN facilitates other security solutions, such as state-of-the-art firewalls, network filtering, and malware protection.

Integrating SD-WAN with Cloud-First Solutions

Adoption of the cloud-first model is growing, driven by centralized controls that allow easy access for team members with appropriate credentials. Internet traffic can be directed across the network more efficiently than with traditional methods. Security requirements and services can be prioritized. The router-based version of SD-WAN allows routers to channel traffic according to TCP/IP addresses and ACLs.

Another key reason to investigate a cloud-based SD-WAN solution for your enterprise is that it turns your headquarters into a digital hub for your entire chain. You will be able to connect with branch locations over the internet or satellite networks. You also have greater flexibility for integrating additional solutions, such as voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) for each branch.

With greater load-sharing capabilities than traditional WANs, the SD-WAN solution will become more and more essential the more your data collection grows. Ultimately, its easy controls and cost-saving features will accelerate productivity in the workplace and across various enterprise branches.


Modern SD-WAN solutions offer more agility and connectability and better performance to enable next-gen technologies compared with traditional wide area networks. The more you embrace big data and IoT solutions, the more you’ll need SD-WAN technology for your business. Not only with it make data collection more efficient, it will open the door for more robust cloud services such as automation software. Furthermore, you will be able to use more bandwidth at lower costs.

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