SD-WAN and Net Neutrality: What it Means for Your Business


SD-WAN and Net Neutrality: What it Means for Your Business

Oct 09, 2018

What do SD-WAN and Net Neutrality have in common? They’ve both become a big buzzword in the past couple years, impacting users across the nation. Net Neutrality has had legislation put into effect that could drastically change how internet in the US will function. In 2015, regulations were enacted that classified broadband as a utility. These regulations prohibited throttling, blocking, and paid priority, essentially forcing ISPs to treat traffic as equal.

On June 11th, a controversial repeal of these regulations went into effect. Many consumers are worried about potentially harmful effects that could stem from ISPs having less restrictions. Previously, some companies were throttling data heavy transmissions, like Netflix and YouTube content, and requesting money from the content providers to account for the extra bandwidth their customers were using. This is known as “paid prioritization”, something that was illegal with the previous rules, and many companies and consumers are worried about a future where this practice is abundant.

This could potentially drive up the costs of the internet, both for companies providing services on it and for people who want to connect to these services. In some countries with similarly unregulated internet, such as Portugal, you pay individually for different website bundles, such as for cloud services, messaging, and music streaming, similarly to how cable currently works.

ISPs could also package different tiers of internet, with a basic package that gets the lowest priority up to advanced packages that will give you the fastest connection. This might be great for those who can afford the most expensive tier but will likely slow down the majority of users. Currently we don’t know what the future holds, but it has the potential to cost more, be slower, or both, which is not ideal when you’re trying to cut business costs and improve employee productivity.

No matter what happens now, and in the future, QOS Networks and SD-WAN can help you get the most out of your internet, so your company can keep working as effectively as possible.

Support for different carriers:

SD-WAN is carrier agnostic, so you can easily switch internet providers to match your needs. You don’t have to feel locked into service with a particular provider and can pick what’s best for your company. If your service provider decides to throttle or block certain sites you need, transitioning your network to another provider is simple.

Real time traffic routing based off statistics:

Just like the ISPs can monitor traffic through their pipelines and prioritize certain sites and services, so can you. With an SD-WAN solution like VeloCloud, your network is constantly watching itself and routing traffic according to what services you want to prioritize. If a certain pathway starts getting throttled, your device will automatically find the quickest replacement to minimize slowdowns.

Statistics to verify your contract:

The same statistics created to route traffic more effectively, can also be used to make sure your service provider is following your contract. If they’re not providing the speeds you’re paying for or are over aggressively throttling certain services, especially with regard to latency sensitive applications like voice or video streaming, then you have the data to realize and prove this. Having these statistics easily accessible online with information from every device is easier and more secure than purchasing a third-party monitor or requesting the data from your service provider.

Network agility so you can adapt in the future:

Even a few months past the change of regulation, we still don’t know where ISPs are going to go with their new freedom. Usually the internet changes quickly but adjusting your network can take a bit longer. With an agile network overlay like SD-WAN you can easily adapt to whatever changes are made to ensure your company fully utilizes the resources available.


Each of these benefits on their own can help increase employee productivity, reduce company costs, and allow your IT staff to focus on more important things, and together they only become more effective. No matter what happens with net neutrality, and even if nothing changes in the future, you can be confident that you’re fully utilizing your network capacity with SD-WAN and know that you’re ready for any changes.

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