Win at MEF 2019 for Enterprise Application in the SD-WAN Space Goes to QOS Networks

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Win at MEF 2019 for Enterprise Application in the SD-WAN Space Goes to QOS Networks

Nov 21, 2019

Nominated alongside the largest service providers, QOS pulls out a win for best enterprise retail SD-WAN application

QOS Networks has announced today that they wereawardedthe winat the 2019 MEF event this week for Enterprise Application in the SD-WAN space for their retail solutions. QOS isa fast-growing,technology enabled,service provider that focuses heavily in edge intelligencethrough proprietary software to drive improved performance whileleveraging the growth ofSD-WANglobally.

The win at MEF solidifies QOSNetworksas a primary player in the network and service provider space as they continue to work with the largest SD-WAN deployments in the market today. With a commanding piece of the market, QOSNetworksis positioned to continue experiencing triple digit annual growthwhileworking with enterprises looking for digital transformation in their networks.

The field of nominees was dense and consisted of the best service providers in the industry today. QOS Networks has dominated the SD-WAN and network edge space by delivering a differentiatedapproach to customersand partnersthatcombines services and software designed specifically to deliver the full benefit of a software defined edge quickly.QOSNetworksbrings a complete managed network solution to our customers that is defined by the intelligent platform it resides on. The technology consists ofplatformintegrationsto common ITSM tools,fully automated touchless provisioning, proprietarymonitoring platformand self-healing softwarethatguaranteesimproved reliability andvisibility.QOSNetworks software drives improved reliability and performance in a multi-manufacturer approach while deliveringproactiveresultsforenterpriseusers.

Congratulations to our team and their efforts which led to our MEF Award for Enterprise Application, says CEO of QOS Networks, Frank Cittadino. Were honored to receive the MEF award and look forward tocontinuing to lead innovation in the intelligent edge space. This award represents the dedication our teamhas todeliver the best software and services to manage edge solutions.

QOS Networks is an intelligent network provider that brings together anenterprises unique and complex network requirements including hardware, software, and integrations, into a single intelligent platform. The QOS Intelligent Network Platform is designed to simplify the ever-changing network demands with new IoT, AI, or branch stack components like SD-WAN, security, switches, failover, and more by integrating the core network within a managed and monitored ecosystem. The result is better visibility, increased insights and analytics, intelligent and actionable metrics, a self-healing design, and the ability to grown and scale as new technologies are needed in the business.

About QOS Networks

QOS Networks is redefining the network edge with their intelligent and robust solutions.QOS Networks brings a holistic network solution to enterprise networks through their Intelligent Network Platform simplifying operations and enabling IT teams to welcome the future of network technology.QOS is an expert in the design, deployment, and management of edgesolutions like SD-WAN, learningWiFi, integrations like ITSM platforms, IoT, cloud and SaaS, edge compute, and 5G readiness. Their tool andintegration-based Intelligent Network Platform brings enterprises asimpler way to grow and manage their network ecosystemthat solves their business needs.

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