QOS Networks Announces Partnership with Master Agent Technology Source

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QOS Networks Announces Partnership with Master Agent Technology Source

Jan 19, 2021

QOS Networks will now be available in the Technology Source portfolio as the premier managed network services provider specializing in managed SD-WAN, security, and network visibility.

QOS Networks has announced a new partnership agreement with master agent, Technology Source, expanding their portfolio of partners across the United States. Technology Source offers channel partners a Sourcing-as-a-Solution offering to leverage more than 500 service providers. QOS Networks will join the Technology Source portfolio as a premier managed network services provider specializing in managed SD-WAN, security, and network visibility.

The QOS Intelligent Network Platform, a technology-enabled network management and monitoring platform, will now be available within the Technology Source Supplier Portfolio throughout the US and we are eager to bring our network solutions expertise to the customer community. The Intelligent Network Platform provides network monitoring and management on top of a single-pane-of-glass portal. The Intelligent Network platform monitors over 200 data points within a customers network, analyzing and reporting in real-time to alert on incidents quickly and increase overall network uptime. Paired with integrations and analytics, QOS Networks delivers an unparalleled level of intelligence and actionable insights for edge networks and devices.

QOS works with mid and enterprise customers across the globe to deliver intelligent network solutions, includingSD-WAN,edge compute,managed WiFi,managed and professionalservices, and edge functions such asswitches, routers, and firewalls. QOS is built on providing fanatical customer support and has deployed over 40,000 edges for its customers today.

At Technology Source, we aim to exceed the expectations of our clients in every way possible. QOS has a strong reputation among enterprise companies for delivering the right solution, providing an outstanding implementation experience and a competitive price point that wins business. Technology Source is excited to add QOS Networks to our portfolio of 500+ IT, Network and Mobility service providers. – Rob Olson, Executive Vice President, Technology Source.

By partnering with Technology Source, sales partners and their customers now have the opportunity to work with their preferred IT consultant and receive expert managed services through QOS Networks. QOS Networks will integrate directly with a customers team to offer complete network design and configuration, solution validation and proof of concept for partners and customers. QOS Networks can also offer automated deployment expertise for physical device configuration, installation, activation, and deployment that can scale globally.

The importance of our sales partners as a customers trusted advisor cannot be overstated. Technology Source has proven their expertise in selecting and deploying the solutions that make businesses successful. said Michael Brennan, VP of Channel, QOS Networks. We are glad to be at the table with Technology Source, building the best network solutions for the customer, backed by unmatched support and the QOS Intelligent Network Platform.

The team at Technology Source has built trust in the agent community over the years to provide best-in-class solutions through their robust vendor portfolio. QOS Networks compliments the portfolio with the ability to provide customers our suite of software-enabled services built on our data-driven Intelligent Network Platform.

For all technology advisors and partners or customers who are interested in learning more about QOS, please visit TechnologySource.com to speak with one of our premier partner success managers or advisors today!


QOS Networks is redefining the network edge with their intelligent and robust solutions. QOS Networks brings a holistic network solution to enterprise networks through their Intelligent Network Platform — simplifying operations and enabling IT teams to welcome the future of network technology. QOS is an expert in the design, deployment, and management of edge solutions like SD-WAN, security, advanced analytics, multi-cloud enablement, and much more. Their tool and integration-based Intelligent Network Platform brings enterprises a simpler way to grow and manage their network ecosystem that solves their business needs.


Technology Source is the Sourcing as a Service company with 500+ best-in-class business solutions, and over two decades earning trust around the United States. Technology Source pairs with midsize and enterprise organizations to modernize IT. The vendor selection process is crucial to success. As a trusted business advisor, Technology Sources mission is to help our customers and advisors to win by unleashing the elements of enterprise technology solutions.

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