QOS Networks Announces 5,000 Sq. Foot Expansion of their Network Operations Center

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QOS Networks Announces 5,000 Sq. Foot Expansion of their Network Operations Center

Oct 02, 2018

QOS Network’s Network Operations Center (NOC) has expanded to 5,000 square feet, making it the largest SD-WAN NOC in the World

QOS Networks, a managed network service provider, has increased the footprint of their corporate office to now house a 5,000 square foot Network Operations Center (NOC), opening in October 2018. This establishes their NOC as the largest purpose-built SD-WAN center in the world. With 24×7 support and a heavy focus on management and monitoring, QOS Networks has driven its success around SD-WAN and its design and deployment for customers.

QOS Networks has also announced the opening of their new SD-WAN fulfillment center based in Anaheim, CA. The extension of the California corporate headquarters will now handle processing and deployment of SD-WAN hardware for their customers. The expansion of QOS is attributed to their explosive growth that has allowed them to handle new orders by the thousands.

Chief Operations Officer for QOS, Mitch Bassett, says “QOS has been involved with the largest SD-WAN customers in the market today, and weve scaled and grown to meet and exceed that challenge. This new expansion of our facilities will help us to continue to deliver the best experience to our customers and to deploy new customers with extreme speed and simplicity.”

The development of the QOS corporate headquarters will allow them to continue to grow their expert networking team. QOS has a heavy focus around the design, deployment, and management of SD-WAN solutions, specifically VMware’s NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud. As they continue to grow, they will be poised to continue to support the largest SD-WAN deployments in the world.

About QOS Networks

QOS Networks is the pioneer managed network services organization behind delivering SD-WAN solutions and Virtual Network Services to enterprises across the globe. QOS Networks thrives on the customer experience of fanatical support with the market’s first virtual network specific Network Operations Center (NOC). Expertly designing, rapidly implementing, and acutely managing simple to complex network environments has placed QOS Networks as the provider for SD-WAN and Virtual Network services to enterprises. For more information, visit QOS at https://qosnet.com/.

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