We Asked for Our Customer’s Feedback, Here’s What They Said


We Asked for Our Customers Feedback, Heres What They Said

Dec 11, 2018

As we near the end of 2018, we’ve spent a lot of time looking at how QOS Networks has grown and developed over the last year. We’ve seen incredible growth (aiming for 300%+ at EOY), thanks to some pretty cool customers we’ve brought into the QOS family. We say that we’re centered around the satisfaction of our customers and that we’ll jump through hoops to bring them business-defining solutions. But, I think, especially from the marketing perspective, that it doesn’t mean much because that’s what everyone else says too. So, we updated our latest customer feedback survey and wanted to share with you some of the comments from our customers.

We calculated ourNPS at the end of the year to be 53, which in customer satisfaction language, is considered excellent. We don’t just “care” about our customers, we go out of our way for them. And that will be our driving force for 2019 — bringing better solutions to our customers so we can solve the problems they experience every day.

Seriously some of the best service I have ever had. Does not hide behind “we can’t” and only focuses on “how can we accomplish this”.

IT Manager
Trilogy Financial
High service levels, transparent pricing, and direct access to management when needed.
Public Storage

I have told others that QOS works with us to find solutions to the business and have been a good partner. We have had good experiences with their network management and tools like VeloCloud.

Director Operational Solutions & Procurement
QOS helped me save a lot of money initially. That’s what really started the relationship. QOS has the answers.
Centinela Feed
That is company fully committed to their clients with a great sense of ownership.
Network Administrator
Public Storage
Excellent service and very responsive support team.
Thunder Studios Inc.
They’re helpful and it’s comforting to know they’re always looking for the optimal solution to any problem with which were dealing.
Network Support Specialist
Public Storage
QOS is very knowledgeable about the “network” especially the edge. Let QOS help you get set up with SD-WAN so you can sleep at night.
Centinela Feed
The team works very hard to ensure their clients are happy and functioning properly despite challenges.
Director of Information Systems
They have great support for any issues you might run into.
Network Administrator
Johnson and Johnson Insurance

You always seem to be the voice of reason at times, and that is much appreciated. I know too many times when something good happens, nothing is mentioned. I wanted to mention it, let you know I see it every time you’re involved, and I greatly appreciate it.

Vice President of Infrastructure & Client Services
William Lyon Homes

If you want to learn more about how QOS can help your business, we’d love to chat with you. Reach out!

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