QOS Networks Brings Edge as a Service to their Enterprise Customers

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QOS Networks Brings Edge as a Service to their Enterprise Customers

Nov 27, 2018

Their next generation SD-WAN, VNF, uCPE, and orchestration layer is the first turnkey edge intelligent offering in the marketplace.

QOS Networks, an industry leader in intelligent edge solutions such as SD-WAN, uCPE, and Virtual Network Services (VNS), announced today that they are bringing enterprises a true Edge as a Service platform.

As more businesses become reliant on the cloud, high levels of bandwidth consumption, and the Internet of Things (IoT), there’s an increasing demand for edge compute that can handle modern business requirements. QOS Networks announced in September the launch of their QOS Virtual Hub platform, a VNF hub platformed on a Universal CPE, building on their Edge as a Service offering. As a full-service managed network service provider, QOS Networks works with customers to bring intelligence to their edge with integrations such as ServiceNow, Splunk, PulseIT, SolarWinds, and more, to deliver highly advanced reporting and metrics around network health, uptime and downtime, and aggregate data.

“Our enterprise is in a constant need to grow and execute faster and more effectively every day. It’s critical for IT to be able to deliver business intelligence rapidly with 100% visibility at the edge so we can streamline our dental offices to be faster, more flexible, and more secure”, says Director of Infrastructure & Operations for Pacific Dental Services, Rich Brownlee.

“The emerging enterprise edge is expected to be a fast-growing market driven by the need to provide high-quality connectivity and services at branch locations, and between branch locations and cloud services provider data centers, as enterprises build out their multi-cloud ecosystems,” said Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., senior research director and advisor, cloud and data center research practice at IHS Markit. “In 2017, revenue to cloud service providers was more than $160 billion, and it is forecast to top $400 billion in 2022. And revenue for SD-WAN vendors totaled $475 million in 2017 and it is expected to surpass $3.7 billion in 2022, signaling a strong need for secure multi-cloud connectivity. Providing enterprises with a service to manage their edge compute answers an important market requirement.”

QOS Networks has increased their focus around providing a platform that supports and accelerates the Internet of Things (IoT). Enterprise organizations today are in need of a solution that gives them real-time results in their business. However, those that have moved predominantly into the cloud are failing to see the performance from their network they need. QOS Networks’ Edge as a Service platform brings compute back down to the edge by utilizing platforms like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the control plane that hosts edge functions like firewalls, switches, or SD-WAN virtual platforms. QOS is bringing the benefits of the cloud down to the edge where customers can get better performance with real-time results, higher quality security, and more flexibility with a vendor-agnostic platform.

QOS Networks CEO, Frank Cittadino, says “QOS is dedicated to giving enterprises more flexibility in their complex edge networks with our Edge as a Service platform. Bringing compute, intelligence, reporting, and the cloud to branches or office locations, versus a data center, is the next step for companies to get more control over their applications.”


About QOS Networks

QOS Networks is the pioneer managed network services organization behind delivering Edge as a Service with their SD-WAN solutions and Virtual Network Services to enterprises across the globe. QOS Networks thrives on the customer experience of fanatical support with the market’s first virtual network specific Network Operations Center (NOC). Expertly designing, rapidly implementing, and acutely managing simple to complex network environments has placed QOS Networks as the provider for intelligence at the edge to enterprises. Learn more about QOS Networks at www.qosnet.com.

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