Q&A with Jason Cutler, Director of Channel Sales at SADA Systems

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Q&A with Jason Cutler, Director of Channel Sales at SADA Systems

Nov 09, 2016

Its good to be back to post my second blog and introduce you to a trusted partner of ours in SADA Systems. We have been working closely with Tony and his great team at SADA over the past two years, and we have been truly impressed. Conversely, we currently support Sada on a number of accounts in which our technical and network expertise is needed and where we can add value to support SADA and their clients. We have nothing but good things to say about these guys; the partnership has been great.

I recently connected with Jason Cutler, Director of Channel Sales at SADA Systems, to get his feedback on a few topics that I know many of you are asking about today. Id like to extend a big thanks to Jason for taking the time to answer my questions, and to SADA Systems for the great partnership!


What is the biggest challenge you see for businesses to move to the cloud?
The challenges are different depending on the industry vertical and their specific business outcomes. Addressing the needs of an organization can vary from security, collaboration between remote workforces, aging infrastructure, and more. As an organization begins its journey, change management becomes the largest hurdle for IT departments and line of business departments. Working with the right partner to help address these needs is key to a successful move to the cloud.

Making the move to the cloud is normally done through an email migration or implementation of a collaboration suite like Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite (formerly Google Apps).

Next, looking at current infrastructure and data center costs, and how to streamline CAPEX into an OPEX model through services such as Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure .

Once a business moves to the cloud, the possibilities are endless. The value of the cloud can be found in developing SaaS (Software as a Service) applications, such as Google Maps and
Dynamics CRM Online, or using public cloud platforms for big data and machine learning.

Does an organization need to be versed at all these workloads?
No, an organizations should focus on what they do best. Organizations looking to move to the cloud need to find the right consulting and technical services partner to help them realize the value of the cloud, the best solutions and applications available for them, address custom development needs, and provide the implementation services as well as the change management services to drive adoption.

With mobile apps and cloud migration as two of the top IT spends in 2016, how does SADA help clients determine the best use of their IT budget when they come calling?

SADA Systems brings together the IT decision makers as well as the line-of-business (LOB) decision makers to really outline the business goals first, then discuss how technology solutions can help in achieving those goals. We do this through our Value Envisioning Workshops, which include whiteboarding sessions with stakeholders to outline interdepartmental and cross-departmental workflows. Through this process, we can make informed recommendations on whats best for the client and outline the cost and times savings as well as the opportunities they have yet to tap into.

You have mentioned in the past that cloud migration is a legacy business for SADA Systems.

Can you give me an example how SADA is empowering businesses to maximize ROI after migration?

Cloud migration is always the first step, what comes after is how we help transform an organization through the cloud. For example, we had a customer with over 700K laundromats across the nation utilizing CRM in the cloud, SharePoint, and big data to better access and analyze data from each of their washers and dryers across the nation. Power BI and SharePoint Online allowed the customer to maintain a real-time snapshot of business performance, informing better decisions and cutting overall IT costs. All of this combined to help the customer see results faster, grow business faster, and improve profitability.

SADA started as managed service provider and has evolved into cloud computing and strategic IT solutions company over the years.
What advice do you have for managed service providers that are looking to grow and evolve in todays market?

Managed services is changing into a Virtual CTO role for many organizations. You need to understand the business and technology landscape to address pain-points. It is the responsibility of services providers such as SADA Systems to bring in the right solutions and the right partners to address the customers challenges.

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