Paloalto Next-Gen FTW!


Paloalto Next-Gen FTW!

Mar 20, 2016

Having more than 30,000 customers in over 140 countries across multiple industries, 2015 revenue showed a 55% increase year over year, and they added more than 1,000 customers per quarter for the last 17 consecutive quarters. The numbers do not lie and they are even considered an understatement compared to what Paloalto firewalls can do for a companys network security.

Palo Alto networks produce a complete next-generation security platform. A next-gen security platform is a device that integrates three key assets: Enterprise firewall capabilities, Intrusion prevention system, and application control. Next-generation firewalls combine capabilities of traditional firewalls with functionality and features not usually found in firewall products. Intrusion prevention, SSH and SSL inspection, malware detection and application consciousness are just some of the offerings of a next-generation firewall.

Very significant and highly regarded, are Paloaltos many threat prevention features. In todays highly dynamic threat landscape Paloalto chooses to combat cyber security threats on multiple fronts. One of the most important features for the front lines of cyber security analytics is Paloaltos SSL decryption feature. Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls have built-in SSL decryption capabilities, eliminating this once before blind spot for Advanced Threat intrusion detection analysts. Vision into encrypted traffic raises the curtain on advanced malware programmed to operate on secure protocols in order to evade detection.

Paloalto blocks threats at the perimeter based on both pre-defined signatures and anomalous activity. The anomaly detection aspect of Paloalto decodes and analyzes protocols and then uses learned information to block malicious traffic patterns. Additionally Paloalto devices can use content-based custom signatures authored by security analysts to detect high concern traffic. Analysts can also implement custom IP address and URL/Domains blocklists to further protect internal networks from known harmful infrastructure.

The last important feature I choose to write about is Paloaltos WildFire Threat Prevention service. Wildfire is Paloaltos cloud and community based malware analysis environment. This is a very effective advanced protection from previously unknown threats. Wildfire automatically shares newly discovered threat protection with all subscribers globally in roughly 15 minutes.

If you are an Enterprise corporation or even just a small business, Paloalto can offer world class protection and prevention from advanced network attacks. Most importantly Paloalto provides all of these breathtaking capabilities without requiring manual human intervention or costly incident response services. As a cyber security professional and someone who is personally very weary of playing years upon years worth of whack-a-mole with Threat Actors, I am delighted to say that what Paloalto offers has brought relief to Cyber Security community.

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