The Open Space for SD-WAN — A Podcast

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The Open Space for SD-WAN A Podcast

Jul 31, 2018

The SD-WAN market plays an important role in businesses today, especially those who have daily challenges to keep their applications running quickly, to eliminate bad performance and sluggish connections, and to juggle multiple carriers and ISPs in a disparate system. Businesses have had to evolve from their legacy VPNs they relied on to communicate to needing open, cloud enabled, networks. SD-WAN became the answer to drive reliable connections that could connect to their cloud applications and drive flexibility. This has become the open space for SD-WAN.

In a recent podcast by Mike Miller of Sidepath, QOS CEO, Frank Cittadino, sat down to talk about the SD-WAN market and how its explosive growth has affected QOS Networks. The development of the marketplace has been defined by leaps and bounds as new players emerge on a seemingly monthly basis. QOS has mitigated this by remembering one thing, to take it one step at a time. This has set the stage for them to stay right alongside their customers who are trying to navigate the waters of SD-WAN, to understand the implications for their business, and to determine how to best plan for the ever-changing landscape.

The growth that QOS has seen in the last 12 months is heavily centered on the way they’ve planned their go-to-market strategy. With a strong management team in place, QOS positioned itself in a way that gives the customers the first and last say in their networks. QOS has become the only managed network service provider to do what they do with SD-WAN, both plan and deploy, and fully manage their customer’s network environments. VMware’s SD-WAN by VeloCloud has become the center of QOS’s success, since QOS is able to not just design a custom solution for their customer, but implement and manage their SD-WAN solution for the years to come.

The acquisition of VeloCloud by VMware last year set the stage for QOS to catapult their growth, which has led to a hiring spree, an influx in Fortune 500 customers, and the opportunity to build a business around the success of the customer, from day one. QOS is on a strong trajectory, and CEO, Frank Cittadino, says “We are really enabling the technology by being passionate. You can’t sell anything without passion and were out here really changing the way businesses operate. We believe, here at QOS, that we are helping every company that we work with – we’re making their technology better by delivering more consistency and flexibility.”

Check out the Podcast with Sidepaths Mike Miller and QOS CEO, Frank Cittadino.

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