MEC: What is it and How is it Enabling Smarter Networks


MEC: What is it and How is it Enabling Smarter Networks

Jul 23, 2019

MEC or Multi-access edge compute, is a platform in which enterprises are enabled to leverage some of the most powerful new technologies. Living at the edge of the network, multi-access edge computing is enabling new advanced technologies to flourish with a backbone that supports them.

Features of MEC

Incredibly Low Latency

Because MEC enables platforms to process data right at the edge, for the first time its enabling speeds that have never been seen before. Because of the proximity of the compute center to those application and devices it is connected to, the distance that the data needs to travel is cut to nearly nothing. That means that there is an opportunity to get near real-time results for applications that need that ultra low latency performance.

Bandwidth Expansion

Bandwidth prices today are increasing as more and more platforms are reliant on it. High-bandwidth applications like IoT or AI needs the ability to move rapidly between the compute center and the device it originates and talk through. This means that bandwidth capabilities need to not be bogged down and need to have a clear, and at times, dedicated, tunnel through which the data can move. This can get expensive quickly. MEC enables those platforms to transport data without needing to constrain existing bandwidth or demanding more.

Technologies it Enables


Smart cars, intelligent equipment, smart doctor facilities, the opportunities around IoT are seemingly endless. As organizations continue to increase the amount of IoT in their business, the ability to deliver performance will be critical. MEC can make your car an intuitive and intelligent machine capable of self-driving, safe decisions, all while finding you the closest cafe for a latte.


Some of the coolest developments in the edge space have been those around AI. Doctors today can utilize AI robots to perform microscopic surgeries, responding to the patient’s needs at the same time. Retailers have begun to integrate smart mirrors throughout stores that can give shoppers alternate suggestions or convey what a particular color might look like on an outfit. The manufacturing world can increase safety if a worker comes too close to an assembly line machine and can intuitively stop to keep them safe. AI is enabled by the network, and MEC is that platform that makes it happen.


While MEC doesn’t necessarily “enable” 5G, it will be its best friend. 5G is bringing a new level of connectivity to enterprises by delivering lightening fast performance. This, mixed with MEC, makes for the fastest ever response and performances that the world has seen.

MEC is bringing new capabilities and capacities to enterprises today. It’s no longer a bandwidth driven world with limitations from budget and availability. By bringing the compute down to the edge, companies can capitalize on the latest and greatest technologies, while keeping flexibility and performance at the forefront. It’s changing the way we design edge environments and will continue to be where innovation lives.

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