What is Carrier SD-WAN and is it all the Same?


What is Carrier SD-WAN and is it all the Same?

Sep 28, 2018

I spent time this week at Light Reading’s NFV & Carrier SDN event in Denver, CO. The event overall was a slew of topics revolving around developing and offering a carrier SD-WAN play. I had the chance to sit on a panel discussing where SD-WAN is going, the 2.0 version. The panel featured some of the industrys forefront players including Comcast, GTT, ADVA, and MEF. The topics and questions were poignant and challenged the panelists to discuss the future of the industry and how each player is differentiating from the other.

QOS is in a unique position in that we work with service providers and partners to deliver SD-WAN solutions to their customers. Many are building their own carrier SD-WAN networks, mostly inside of their existing network, tying it to the underlay. However, the deployment and management piece are second phase. With the market moving so rapidly, working with QOS is an opportunity for service providers to skip past the part of the time, R&D, and financial commitments needed to build out an entire SD-WAN services arm. QOS Networks becomes that enabler to get to market quickly.

A topic that Comcast helped to highlight is that it’s critically important for carriers to be able to differentiate themselves, and that happens through varied methods of building out their SD-WAN solution. Adding a services provider can also help offer a differentiated solution when it comes to deployment, processes, logistics, and technology. Something that came to light during our panel discussion was the differences in offerings from an OTT, security integrations, transport diversity, service chaining, cloud, and dedicated resources perspective. QOS has the flexibility to work with various vendors, regardless of carrier affiliation, giving the customer extreme flexibility — which allows carriers the ability to own the customer relationship while providing customized enterprise solutions.

Working with QOS also lets carriers co-manage their customers offering carrier management by way of QOS. We all know that going to a carrier for support can be, well, cumbersome, and working with a dedicated SD-WAN services provider is more user friendly. QOS helps administrate, work with compliance and security requirements and handle vendor and partner lockout for the customer. Large enterprise companies need the flexibility, and often times carriers aren’t able to provide that needed option. QOS makes that possible.

Many of the carriers out there today are looking to grab their piece of the pie in SD-WAN and QOS can help them do it by providing a differentiated solution that can deploy to multi-thousand site distributed enterprises.

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