In-Depth Monitoring and Reporting with a Network Poller


In-Depth Monitoring and Reporting with a Network Poller

Apr 05, 2019

When customers are in need of more in-depth monitoring and reporting from their network, it’s often a question of how, where, and how much. It’s not a simple toggle on or off to get more insight and metrics to verify that your network is running smoothly. This is a common customer request and often not an “out of the box” solution.

What is a Network Poller?

QOS has successfully been able to create a new integration with VeloCloud SD-WAN devices with a network Poller. A poller is a network monitoring tool that provides monitoring, behind the firewall, of a customer’s network. It delivers back insight into network performance, event monitoring, function performance such as switching, and much more. It gives a new level of network monitoring to customers who require better insights and a deeper profile of awareness.

How does it Work?

SD-WAN platforms include standard network insights out of the box when you integrate it into your network. However, this monitoring happens over the Internet and obviously sits outside of the internal network. This means that a customer is limited to the amount of insights they can receive from their network and may limit incident insights and causality.

QOS has worked in the integration and custom development space for SD-WAN platforms for years and has used that knowledge to deliver advanced insights into their IT ecosystems. Recently, we had one of our enterprise customers ask us for a better solution for their national retail stores so they could perform more in-depth analysis of their carrier circuit performance. The result was integrating a network poller into their VeloCloud SD-WAN platform and in turn, returning advanced insights that gave them more control with monitoring their network.

QOS offers the most advanced selection of custom network integrations, supported by the fact that we’ve staffed our organization with top tier engineers who have years of networking experience.

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