How Retail Can Get Real-Time Messaging to Customers Through WiFi


How Retail Can Get Real-Time Messaging to Customers Through WiFi

May 07, 2019

Dream scenario – a customer walks into your store and stops in front of an end cap display, looks at something on special, and moves on. What if you could identify where that customer had been throughout the store and offer them a real-time promotion for a product or offer right there, on the spot? The technology is there and the real-time messaging is available – through intelligent WiFi.

Customers today expect a certain level of customization in their shopping experience. They care abut what they’re looking for, not a special on a product they have no intent of purchasing. Being able to encourage the sale as well as complementary products helps to increase a customer’s overall purchase value.

Intelligent retail store WiFi works by connecting to devices within a particular region, whether throughout the entire store or in a specific section of it, through Bluetooth LE connectivity. Based on the needs of your organization, you can predetermine actions based on the data your customers are feeding you.

Virtual Beacons

Deploying virtual beacons throughout the store means that you always have a pulse on the activities and whereabouts of your customer. Based on that information, you can deliver push notifications for their shopping experience in the men’s clothing section, or the dairy section of the grocery store. Deliver a two-for-one coupon or a discount promo for a product in that area that can easily be grabbed without having to navigate to a different area of the store. Beacons make it simple to connect and track user behavior and communicate in real-time.

Location-Based Navigation

Especially when a customer asks for a specific location of a product or when a deal or promo is delivered, the ability to navigate the customer to the exact product spot an be the determining factor for purchase. How often have you employees asked a customer “did you find everything ok today?” at the register? With location-based navigation, you’ll no longer have a customer leaving the store without finding that specific item theyre shopping for.

Analytics and Patterns

The possibilities are numerous when you can begin to see patterns in your connected shoppers. From store paths that are frequented to areas in which customers seem to forget about, the analytical potential when you’re interacting with customers can be valuable. If you are having a sale and want to drive traffic, but customers aren’t following the natural path to that area of the store, pushing notification and directions can be an easy way to drive more foot traffic.

AI-driven WiFi is the next step in real-time customer communications and interaction for retailers across industries. From departments stores to grocery stores to any consumer locations. With data comes analytics and comes better knowledge on how to make your customers happy with an experience they expect.


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