1,000 SD-WAN Devices Deployed in 48 Hours with QOS Networks

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1,000 SD-WAN Devices Deployed in 48 Hours with QOS Networks

Oct 17, 2018


Its no secret that QOS Networks is designed to deliver exceptional value to enterprises looking to deploy SD-WAN solutions. We work with the largest enterprises in the world and they challenge us to provide edge solutions that match the scale of their business. Not only is QOS one of few managed network service providers to have successfully implemented SD-WAN to multiple enterprises with over 1,000 global locations, but we can also do it at the drop of a hat. This means there are virtually no enterprise deployments that QOS cant handle.

This week, QOS hit a new record by deploying just over 1,000 VeloCloud SD-WAN units in under 48 hours. Not only that, but we topped our single-day record at 574 units. Not too shabby.

How Did We Do That?


SD-WAN deployments are complex and require intimate knowledge of a customers network environment to ensure deployment and configuration will be successful. They say 10,000 hours at something makes you an expert, well, 10,000+ units has made QOS an expert. One of the benefits of working with QOS stems from the capabilities we have around our ability to integrate and automate the experience of deploying network solutions to a customers environment. We are masters at developing processes that streamline the deployment experience as well as integrate with a customers existing platforms.

This doesnt just extend to SD-WAN solutions. QOS Networks is an expert of the EDGE network. We live and breathe business intelligence at the edge integrating with our customers platforms like SolarWinds and ServiceNow, supporting virtualized network functions (VNFs) to modernize an environment, or custom developing a process that helps our customers run more of their network needs at the edge. QOS is truly an innovator at delivering the best platform for our customers networks.

With our custom created Activation Manager, weve designed a way to deliver SD-WAN to our customers through our integration tool kit. But it doesnt stop there, QOS is designing our business around our enterprise customers. This provides more flexibility, faster deployments, and more custom capabilities to integrate with your platforms at the edge opening the door to new microservices and additional advantages for custom monitoring, performance, and security tools. Our cloud-based platform integrates with VeloCloud hardware, an industry first, as well as other uCPE platforms, making it simple for us to connect to not just our distribution centers, but to connect to our customers locations, making our process hands-off and wickedly fast. Imagine deploying your edge devices in the matter of a few days. Now, how about your entire edge environment? With QOS, you can.

Edge Networks Designed with the Enterprise in Mind

QOS was designed for the enterprise environment complex, dispersed, hybrid, fragmented, cloud-based, edge-based you name it, QOS can handle it. Were focusing on delivering the next generation of edge intelligence to our customers today, and it starts right here at home by building our processes to support yours, from day one.

Learn more about the QOS experience here.


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The financial customer had a unique situation where they were sending out new offices in a box to their 6,000 office and at-home agent locations across their enterprise. They opted to manage their new VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud solution internally, but needed support to design, provision, and ship their devices.

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