Frank Cittadino Talks Cloud Deployment & SD-WAN with Interop ITX Attendees


Frank Cittadino Talks Cloud Deployment & SD-WAN with Interop ITX Attendees

Jun 16, 2017

In a room with over 150 people, Frank Cittadino talks about Cloud Deployments and the Necessity of SD-WAN | Why Your Traditional Network Isnt Pulling Its Weight at Interop ITxs 2017 convention in Las Vegas, on May 18. He begins by asking the crowd how long they thought it took for people to get connected to the internet and to be connected to mobile apps. The results speak for itself. The main idea that Frank discusses in the beginning of his talk, is the phenomenon of modern people and their personal connections to mobile applications. He illustrates this idea and emphasizes the sheer velocity of change in the world today because of technology.

Frank discusses the effects of the Millennial generation and their influence on purchasing decisions. He hones in on typical Millennial characteristics: they want things now, and they want things that are brilliantly simple, such as Apple products. Because of the simplicity of Apple, there has been 700% increase in applications being created and used. The reason why Frank emphasizes this is to make the point that all of this is possible due to cloud solutions and specifically, public cloud solutions. Cloud solutions give us the ability to provide all these applications along with services such as SaaS, ITaas, DRaaS, etc, and this is the result of Millenials specifically valuing access over ownership.

SD-WAN is powerful and gets all of the marketing because it is automated, says Frank. It lays out the groundwork for automation because of the following:

  • Use all Network Transports simultaneously
  • Deliver Virtual Services from the Cloud Seamlessly
  • Automate Installation, Configuration, Operations and Maintenance
  • Enable Internet/broadband as enterprise grade WAN

The benefits of utilizing SD-WAN are not limited to the aforementioned. Integrating this software into the daily operations of companies has immense advantages to their productivity. Because of the efficiency that SD-WAN provides to its users, Frank explains that this application could essentially change the efficiency in the method of communication between employees.

If youre interested in QOS Networks SD-WAN solutions, you can find more information here or contact us directly. Please contact us for more information if youd like to see Frank speak at your next event.

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