Enterprise Service Management for Your Company’s IT


Enterprise Service Management for Your Companys IT

Jul 06, 2017

Your business faces hundreds of scattered and chaotic IT processes on a daily basis. Inefficiency reigns supreme, slowing you down and frustrating your employees. But what if it didnt have to? What if there were a solution that utilized IT services that could streamline all company processes?


There is, and its called enterprise service management.


You may have heard the term enterprise service management before, but what exactly does it entail? Its the process of using IT service management principles and capabilities in multiple business areas to improve performance and service. Using ESM means that your business can do away with internal confusion and poorly optimized procedures. In fact, proper implementation of it can result in an ROI of 449%. It gives you the power to enhance visibility, increase efficiency, and bolster collaboration.

A Birds-eye View

Working with ESM means using a cloud-based platform to keep you always connected across your company. It allows you to view your current IT workflows and data processing methods whenever you want to. ESM provides insights into how these tasks operate, which gives you the power to cast away inefficient operations and forge more effective ones.

By having a complete view of whats happening within the network of your company, you will always know where your business stands. However, ESM requires a dedicated operations team. Youll need someone that can actively provide project, incident, problem and change management visibility through the ease of a web portal.

Like a Well-oiled Machine

Workplace operations are often convoluted overly redundant. Leveraging ESM results in streamlined processes, simplified task management, and consistently better workflows. Modifying your operations to increase efficiency reduces overall operational costs and vastly improves day-to-day output. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to automate processes that slow your companys network down.

ESM means that youll spend less time on the allocation of resources, and more time on growing your business. In order to do this properly, you will need an experienced team of professionals that can properly implement the changes that your business needs.

Always Connected

Your organizations IT requires constant communication and collaboration. However, details can often fall through the cracks. ESM fixes this issue by actively providing solutions that promote collaboration within and across multiple business functions. It’s important to realize that having dedicated channels for communication cuts down on confusion and improves collaboration. These channels seamlessly integrate within your companys existing systems to execute a streamlined daily operation all to deliver customer objectives as efficiently as possible.

In practice, these processes mean that youll be able to have constant network monitoring, automated ticket creation, and problem identification within your network. Youll need someone to manage these features, as they can take up a lot of time and effort to handle.

Working with QOS Networks

At QOS, weve been leveraging ESM solutions to help many businesses grow. Our experience with ESM means that we can effectively handle it for your company while you reap the benefits. If youre interested in achieving total company visibility, improved workflows, and consistent collaboration, please contact us to see how ESM can work for you.

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