Custom Network Development? No Problem.


Custom Network Development? No Problem.

Apr 17, 2019

We love to talk about the cool projects we’ve gotten to do at QOS. From working with some of the largest SD-WAN deployments today to some of the smallest as well. From customers just down the street to those with sites across the globe in dozens of countries. From all of these experiences we’ve gotten a taste of many unique requests, specific requirements, and advanced configurations that has led us to some pretty fun networking knowledge. In the spirit of sharing, let’s take a look at some of the more unique development projects we’ve done.

Application Performance Monitoring

QOS has written solutions that allow us to monitor the reachability of and latency challenges to that database from each VeloCloud edge device. We can detect if a route from the application is down all the way up to the customer’s data center. Or, we can validate that the route is up and that application issues are arising elsewhere in the system. The QOS Application Performance Monitoring suite integrates performance monitoring from the VeloCloud edge device to a designated LAN server via existing monitoring solutions using SNMP.

SysLog Integration

The VeloCloud edge contains an internal stateful firewall that blocks all incoming requests by default, unless they are explicitly allowed via the VeloCloud orchestrator. To facilitate these security logging requirements, QOS developed a solution that looks for incoming requests from these specific IP addresses, logs these requests in a specific format and streams them to the customer’s syslog environment. The request is blocked by the VeloCloud edge and the customer is alerted via their existing environment. The VCO also doesn’t have a native way to log incoming requests; just outbound or sources that are specifically NAT’d to an internal destination. There is also not a native way to manage a blacklist of IP addresses. They block everything incoming by default and let you whitelist specifics. Customers who need a more flexible way to log incoming requests can benefit from the custom integrations QOS has written.

Global Deployments

We often have customers with locations outside of North America and want to have advanced setups for those spots too. It can be difficult to identify local connectivity providers that will provide reliable access. Furthermore, application performance, security, and overall experience from those carriers can be unstable. Working with these customers is exciting because QOS has built out a full international deployment service and we love when we get to use it.
QOS handles a number of process requirements for our customers that make international importing and exporting a massive headache. As the importer and exporter of record, QOS handles the entire front end process, the shipping, customs and declarations, taxes and tariffs, and of course, the onsite install of the network hardware.

Advanced Monitoring with a Network Poller

QOS has successfully been able to create a new integration with VeloCloud SD-WAN devices with a network Poller. A poller is a network monitoring tool that provides monitoring, behind the firewall, of a customer’s network. The result was integrating a network poller into their VeloCloud SD-WAN platform and in turn, returning advanced insights that gave them more control with monitoring their network.

Rapid Deployments

It’s no secret that QOS Networks is designed to deliver exceptional value to enterprises looking to deploy SD-WAN solutions. We work with the largest enterprises in the world and they challenge us to provide edge solutions that match the scale of their business. Not only is QOS one of few managed network service providers to have successfully implemented SD-WAN to multiple enterprises with over 1,000 global locations, but we can also do it at the drop of a hat. This means there are virtually no enterprise deployments that QOS can’t handle.

Automated Deployments

Working with customers who have hundreds or thousands of locations means they need to consider the speed and reliability of their deployment. Just because they have thousands of sites doesn’t mean their deployment should take months on end. With the QOS inDeploy platform, we’ve intelligently taken the deployment process and created AI to process, configure, and prepare for shipment, entire batches of SD-WAN hardware within a single day.

Cloud: AWS

One customer had a specific challenge to connect their VeloCloud and AWS platforms for a smooth network experience. VeloCloud has this capability and with some expert engineering design from QOS, the customer’s network can be configured to work flawlessly. The customer has since been able to overcome many of their initial network roadblocks and have been successfully working through their proof of concept process. It’s an interesting process to work with our customers who are in the position that many are — moving to or already in the cloud, highly dispersed networks, security conscious, and needing a solution to perform well.

Have your own project you need worked on? Let us know! We love a good challenge.

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