When It Comes to SDN, Applications Come First


When It Comes to SDN, Applications Come First

Oct 06, 2016

Software-defined networking (SDN) continues to see big gains in market share, with revenue for SDN Ethernet switches and controllers reaching $1.4 billion in 2015. Despite this widespread adoption, many organizations are often not able to unlock SDNs full potential. In these cases, it’s important for enterprises to put applications first.

Although an application-first mindset runs contrary to how organizations deal with networking technology, it gives them an opportunity to remain focused on the networks core function — reliable data and resource delivery.

Doing Away With Tradition

Instead of networks defining the application, the complete opposite is becoming more common. Applications are now dictating their demands on the network infrastructure, with said infrastructure becoming increasingly compliant and responsive to those needs. The technology that SDN provides makes it possible to facilitate this sea change.

When many people see a new technology in the networking world, they often ask how it is able to fit within the existing IT ecosystem. The SDN framework makes a departure from the traditional bottom-up approach in favor of a top-down approach. Instead of working the technology into the current ecosystem, IT is left to evaluate how other technologies will interact with the new ecosystem created by SDN. A complete evaluation of the current infrastructure and underlying systems is often necessary so that the systems can evolve rapidly when exposed to SDN.

How an App-First Approach Works

Taking an app-first approach gives organizations an opportunity to take an in-depth look at current systems and pinpoint areas where SDN can provide maximum benefit. These areas often include application-delivery issues and other network dilemmas that can be solved through careful implementation of the technology.

SDN offers a promising route when it comes to innovating business functions. However, by failing to adopt an app-first perspective, there’s a good chance that the deployment itself could also fail.

Developers Need to Be Involved, Too

Network administrators will always be a key group to consult when it comes to the decision making process for SDN deployment. However, it’s just as important to have developers involved throughout the process. Its not out of the ordinary for developers to press on with creating a new app without first gaining the necessary tools or approvals, especially when driven by deadlines and other time constraints.

Many developers feel they cant afford to wait for the right time to deploy a cloud-ready app, even as transformations occur on the back end. Since developers often set the tempo when it comes to app deployment, any network changes are likely to be driven by what the developers want and need.

Its crucial for businesses to determine whether an SDN deployment is the right choice for the organization. To learn if SDN is right for your business, contact us at QOS Networks to schedule a session with one of our consultants today.


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