Choosing the Right Partner Program to Expand Your Managed IT Services


Choosing the Right Partner Program to Expand Your Managed IT Services

Mar 16, 2017

A partner program, also known as an alliance program or a channel partner program, is the key to helping you expand your managed IT services.

But what exactly is a partner program, and why should you invest the time and resources into one?

A partner program is a strategic business move that vendors use to encourage managed service providers (MSPs) to sell or recommend the vendors products. For partners in the program, a vendor may offer consultation services such as product training, support, or access to technical documents.

How a Partner Program Benefits Your Managed IT Services

No matter the type you choose, engaging in a partner program is essential to business growth, especially for managed IT services companies. Global brands and vendors like Apple, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix, Dell, as well as numerous small and mid-sized companies continuously reap the benefits of a partner program. And so should you!

A partner program is a unique opportunity to collaborate and present new ideas and solutions to expand your reach to your target market and amplify your managed IT services.

In most cases, a vendor sells to you, the MSP, as well as through you. For instance, a vendor of a remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool may sell directly to you while also installing the software to your end customers.

Common Features of a Partner Program

Common features of partner programs include: access to technical support, access to beta versions of vendor products/services, product and sales training, as well as lead generation tools.

Other incentives for joining a partner program may also include industry recognition at vendor events, awards, and growth in your sales footprint.

Take a look at partnerships outside of the IT realm that have resulted in greater success. Last year, Netflix partnered with Panasonic, Philips, and other companies to offer customers the ability to instantly stream Netflix movies for a low price. Each partner benefited from increased revenue while significantly improving its services and gaining a competitive advantage.

At QOS Networks, our goal is to increase your bottom line while enabling your team to be highly productive. We know the competitive challenges our partners face and strive to provide value-added services that complement your brand reputation. Lets have a conversation today.

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