Best Practices for Securing Cloud Systems

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Best Practices for Securing Cloud Systems

Jul 26, 2016

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Keeping data secure is a necessity for all organizations. Despite its advantages, the cloud environment poses a host of unique challenges that impact the way companies protect their data. To safeguard against accidental loss or theft or malicious destruction, its important to follow these best practices for protecting cloud systems.

Maintain Robust Data Security Features

Features like antivirus protection and encryption controls can help keep data protected against most threats. Its also important to utilize the appropriate controls to ensure that data moves securely. A cloud-based firewall can help organizations protect their data without compromising the utility and convenience of the cloud system.

Maintain Backup Support Systems

In the event of an unexpected catastrophe, a backup support system could mean the difference between an uneventful recovery and a costly and possibly devastating loss for the organization. Organizations should always check their backup setups, especially since the actual setup process is often done manually. In addition to relying on cloud infrastructure for backup support, organizations may want to use their own servers or portable storage solutions as a fallback.

Businesses should consider using redundant storage solutions as another way to safeguard data. Using more internal drives than needed can be an effective failsafe measure that duplicates and preserves data, making it harder for it to be lost or stolen.

Allow Cloud Systems to Use Multiple Accounts

Using individual accounts with their own sets of permissions plays an important role in keeping data secure. Otherwise, allowing full, unfettered access to everyone within the organization could eventually result in the data being distributed uncontrollably, which could open the door to data confidentiality breaches. Organizations must set up cloud systems to allow individual accounts with customized permissions. Doing so will ensure that certain types of data are seen only by those who are privileged to access it.

Conduct Regular Testing

Finally, organizations should regularly test their cloud systems in order to gauge their performance with the current security setup. This can be accomplished by bringing in white hat hackers to stress-test the security setup, identify potential security issues, and recommend improvements that can readily address those issues.

It is dangerous to assume that safety is guaranteed with any cloud system; hence the importance of implementing best practices to enhance its security. This way, organizations can keep their data protected against potential loss while ensuring continued access for legitimate users.

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