Automating SD-WAN: Deploying with Intelligence and without Manual Effort


Automating SD-WAN: Deploying with Intelligence and without Manual Effort

Mar 28, 2019

The SD-WAN space has made some major strides in the last few years. From moving out of that “early adopter” phase into a mainstream status as the answer for network ill-performance. With that, enterprises and multi-nationals are struggling to identify the SD-WAN solutions that can not just handle the basic performance promises that SD-WAN offers, but a solution that can handle their large, complex environments.

SD-WAN isn’t a one-stop-shop where you install a single box, plug it in and say “go”. Even smaller customers with a low number of edge locations still have application performance concerns, cloud or data center connectivity, or high levels of security concerns. Furthermore, every network is unique and based on the requirements of that individual organization.

When enterprises consider looking into a new network platform, it’s a question we hear often around the ability to handle bulk deployments with custom configurations and complex interconnectivity requirements.

This month, with the public launch of our inDeploy product, QOS hit a unique milestone that no other managed network service provider can offer their customers – 100% touch-less automated AI-based device deployment.

What Does that Mean?

Working with customers who have hundreds or thousands of locations means they need to consider the speed and reliability of their deployment. Just because they have thousands of sites doesn’t mean their deployment should take months on end. With the QOS inDeploy platform, we’ve intelligently taken the deployment process and created AI to process, configure, and prepare for shipment, entire batches of SD-WAN hardware within a single day. On the back end, the production queue layers into our enterprise service platform, which allows us to rapidly interconnect multiple operational systems, ensuring we’re taking every configuration requirement into consideration. This means our customers receive their devices with every component ready for turn-up.

IT departments today are used to lengthy roll outs with delayed sights on ROI. SD-WAN doesn’t have to be one of those projects. The promises of performance and speed are now reflected in the initial deployment stage as well, with the inDeploy  SD-WAN AI. Phasing out the cumbersome manual connecting of each device and processing the configurations by hand mean rapid deployments. Furthermore, replacing devices along the way becomes so fast, we have implemented an SLA turnaround unmatched by anyone else in the market today.

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