7 Things You Might Not Know About SD-WAN


7 Things You Might Not Know About SD-WAN

Sep 05, 2018

SD-WAN, and all of its noise, is a technology that isn’t always simply understood. Here are a few things you might not know about SD-WAN.

There are a lot of improvements and features that come with SD-WAN, most of which can be used in many different applications and enterprise environments. The high levels of customization allow you to configure your network to suit your needs, no matter what stage your business is in. If you have many different remote locations or need temporary sites, then the ability to securely overlay pre-existing connection, while connecting to headquarters will save you time and money with the various connections you can use and the simple monitoring.

  1. Quick Deployment

    • SD-WAN separates the control plane from the data plane , and thus each device can be remotely controlled through software. This makes deploying new devices simple since each edge can be preconfigured and will employ its network settings as soon as its connected to power and internet. This zero-touch deployment makes it easy to add a new device and eliminates the need for specialized technicians. Since the configuration is pulled down to the edge after it securely authenticates with the network, not only do you save installation time, but losing a device before its installed doesnt put your network at risk.
  2. Effortless Monitoring

    • You can easily monitor the status of each VeloCloud edge to check things like jitter, latency, and dropped packets. This makes it simple for IT staff to troubleshoot issues and optimize network settings, both on a site-by-site basis and for the whole organization. Because everything connects to the online orchestrator, IT staff can see every VeloCloud from one central location instead of having to travel to each site.
  3. Easy Servicing

    • All the edge devices are controlled independently through the orchestrator, which makes monitoring and solving network issues fast and easy. The central orchestrator is informed on every device in its network and can diagnose and alert IT of any issues automatically. This direct connection also allows easy updates that are pushed directly to each edge. Since all of this can be wirelessly configured from anywhere, its simple to reconfigure your network for your changing needs or make improvements as the technology grows.
  4. Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization

    • Because every device connected to the network can be monitored by the central orchestrator on a packet per application level, the network will dynamically optimize how it sends data. This means if someone is on an important phone call, the network will prioritize that data over less urgent connections, such as a server backup. This capability, paired with being able to utilize multiple circuits, allows a company to more effectively use their available bandwidth without needing IT staff to constantly monitor internet usage. This reduces expenses that typically would be necessary for internet bills and a bigger IT staff, while simultaneously improving connections that must happen in real time and overall network reliability.
  5. Increased Efficiency

    • Automating as many operations as possible improves efficiency and reliability. Both lead to reduced operating expenses and more network uptime. Because less time is spent on small details like configuring and monitoring networks, more time can be allocated to bigger projects and less issues arise from human errors. Not only does this help IT staff, it also reduces slowdowns and outages that could affect other employees or customers.
  6. Security

    • While a faster network and easier set up is great, it means nothing if your network isnt secure. SD-WAN makes it easy to setup protective measures and cloud security services that integrate into your connection, so your business can stay protected. Because of the fine control and monitoring allowed through the VeloCloud edge, every device is authenticated and all traffic is encrypted. Having automatic packet level inspection ensures that no previously encrypted data gets double encrypted, guaranteeing there are no needless slowdowns. A big perk of the control plane being separated is the ease of inserting security services. Its simple to segment the network so a retail branch can be PCI compliant and safety handle payments or easily insert security measures like gateway antivirus or data loss prevention at headquarters, the data center, or in the cloud.
  7. Environmentally Friendly

    • A branch using SD-WAN only needs one VeloCloud edge. This means you dont need a separate device for different functions, such as a firewall, web filtering, or load-balancing. Also, because SD-WAN overlays onto pre-existing technologies, theres no need to install new infrastructure. Your network can re-use the cabling from broadband, the wireless infrastructure for cellular services, or just take advantage of MPLS circuits if you already have those installed.


If youre rapidly expanding and need more WAN bandwidth, then the quick deployment, Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization, and easy servicing will allow your company to focus on the expansion without worrying about how your network can keep up.

Or maybe youre already established and have sizably grown, then youll especially benefit from the Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization, simple monitoring, and easy servicing among the other benefits.

Whatever stage your company is in, SD-WAN has many potential benefits that you can take advantage of. If you have any questions, contact QOS to learn how we can assist you.

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