1400 Sites of Pure Intelligent Network Bliss


1400 Sites of Pure Intelligent Network Bliss

Apr 13, 2020

Early education fills a critical role in child development, and yet the industry needs to deliver high quality service at a price that is affordable for parents that are saddled with all sorts of bills. That is one of the reasons KinderCare, the largest provider of early-education programs in the nation, knew it needed to find a new and improved network solution to connect its 1400 locations across the country. Top of the list was the ability to reliably and cost-effectively support the high quality of service needed for multi-media learning applications that included voice and video over IP.

According to a recently published article in Network World, the company issued a rigorous RFP in which many vendors and service providers participated. The evaluation concluded with the selection of a managed SD-WAN solution from QOS Networks. In the article, Dennis Baker, Vice President, IT Technical Operations and Architecture, explained why they made the decision:

“We went with a managed service from QOS.” “They operate our network day to day, so if a problem arises, they deal with it for us. They talk to the access providers if we have circuit issues, and theyve built a failover design using cellular service that has changed our availability significantly.”

In addition, a number of key factors that contributed to the selection.

  • The QOS proposal included VMware’s market leading SD-WAN by VeloCloud solution.
  • QOS had extensive experience implementing large networks using the VeleCloud technology.
  • They offered a number of API-based integrations that facilitated ease of use.
  • The platform is optimized for co-management, which frees the company from day-to-day management, while providing real-time visibility into how the network is performing.
  • The solution was optimized for high availability and application performance.
  • The SD-WAN solution would reduce the cost of access circuits.

As the nationwide deployment nears the end, the company has been able to reap signification benefits from the partnership with QOS. They were able to achieve significant reductions in recurring circuit costs while improving broadband coverage for their facilities. Those savings were sufficient to fund the implementation of best of breed equipment for the 1400 learning centers, while improving the quality of service of that broadband needed to support Voice over IP and other applications. And finally, the QOS ability to troubleshoot network issues as they arise is an ongoing benefit that keeps paying dividends, as Baker explained:

“Our mean time to resolution on internet outages has gone down by 70%,” says Baker. “Also, QOS has set up integrations for us that make it easier to work with other suppliers. For example, there’s an integration with ServiceNow that allows tickets to flow between KinderCare and QOS, and soon to other third parties like a partner that provides some hands-on support for us. That provides us with great visibility into where we are with our IT processes.”

If you want to learn more about the KinderCare SD-WAN network rollout, see the full article in Network World, and Get in touch with us at QOS Networks to learn more about how to prepare your business for the next generation of networking.

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